Movie 363- Christmas Movies- Elf

Directed by Jon Favreau
Starring Will Ferrell
              James Caan
              Bob Newhart
              Edward Asner
              Mary Steenburgen
              Zooey Deschanel
              Peter Dinklage

You smell like beef and cheese, you don't smell like Santa.

When young Buddy falls into Santa's gift sack on Christmas Eve, he's transported back to the North Pole and raised as a toy-making elf by Santa's helpers. But as he grows into adulthood, he can't shake the nagging feeling that he doesn't belong.

I love Elf, it's one of my favorite Will Ferrell movies.  It's a great Christmas movie, full of laughs and has a great story and cast.  There are so many great moment, but the one that I like the best is when Buddy confronts the store's Santa, it's a part of the movie that me and my sister quote all the time.


Suckie Stackhouse said...

I love this movie. I saw it at the theatre, and I clapped when it was over. I'm such a loser!

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