Movie 348- Christmas Movies- Babes in Toyland

Directed by Jack Donohue
Starring Annette Funicello
             Tommy Sands
             Ray Bolger
             Ed Wynn
             Tommy Kirk

Oh, for heaven's sakes! Such a dreadful temper! I'm glad I'm not marrying you! Well, I am marrying you, but I'm marrying you to her.

Mary Contrary, whose fiancé, Tom Piper, is abducted by a pair of goons. It seems that dastardly Mr. Barnaby -- who covets Mary and her inheritance -- dispatched the thugs to get Tom out of the picture. When the dim-bulb duo double-crosses the boss, it sets off a search for Tom and a slew of comical chases.

This is a fun movie, and I think pretty much forgotten, but it's always been one of my favorite old Disney movies.  I like the cast, and the songs.  Annette's costumes were ones I always wanted to have for dress up.  I think that they did a great job with the special effects at the end of the movie.  Ray Bolger made a great villain.  My favorite songs are Castle in Spain and Floretta, which is the funniest to me.  This isn't just a Christmas movie it's one you can watch all year round.


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