Movie 347- Christmas Movies- Fred Claus

Directed by David Dobkin
Starring Vince Vaughn
             Paul Giamatti
             Kevin Spacey
             Miranda Richardson
             Kathy Bates
             Elizabeth Banks
             Rachel Weisz
You're all fired, in the morning you'll all be on a bus back to Elfistan!
The joy and happiness of the holiday season is ruined for the saintly Santa Claus when his cranky older brother, Fred -- a repo man with a sizable rap sheet -- comes to stay with him at the North Pole.

This was a really funny movie, the cast was great, and the story was a lot of fun.  I liked Kevin Spacey's character and Willie the elf.  It was a mix of Elf and Santa Claus: The Movie.  I liked the scene where all the Salvation Army Santa's are chasing Fred.  This will be another movie I will watch every Christmas.


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