Movie 338- Christmas Movies- Scrooged

Directed by Richard Donner
Starring Bill Murray
             Karen Allen
             Robert Mitchum
             John Forsythe
             Bobcat Goldthwait
             Carol Kane
             Alfre Woodard

No, you are a hallucination brought on by alcohol... Russian vodka poisoned by Chernobyl! 

Cold-hearted TV exec Bill Murray is about to discover the true meaning of Christmas -- the hard way.

This was a funny movie, I haven't seen it before so I figured now was the perfect time to check it out.  I liked the story and how the ghost came to him, and I like TV ads for the Christmas Carol they are doing in the movie.  The cast is great, I thought I recognized John Forsythe's voice, but it wasn't till they went into his past that I realized I was right.  This will definitely become one of annual Christmas movies I watch during the holiday season.


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