Movie 344- Christmas Movies- The Bishop's Wife

Directed by Henry Koster
Starring Cary Grant
             Loretta Young
             David Niven

The only people who grow old were born old to begin with. 

This Christmastime angelic intervention sparkles with good humor. Dudley the angel is sent to help a bishop and his wife survive their attempt to finance a new cathedral and the strain it's putting on their marriage.

This is a great movie, the cast is the best, it's funny and makes you think too.  My favorite part is when they go ice skating, it's very clear that it's not Cary Grant doing all those tricks, they do a pretty good job at hiding the doubles face, but there are a couple times that you can clearly tell it's someone else.  This has been remade with Whitney Houston but I've never seen it, but after seeing this one as many times as I have I wouldn't ever watch it, this one is perfect.


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