Movie 342- Christmas Movies- Noel

Directed by Chazz Palminteri
Starring Susan Sarandon
             Penélope Cruz
             Paul Walker
              Alan Arkin

Oh, your life matters, you've touched other people's lives in ways you don't even realize.

Five New Yorkers face Christmas Eve alone in this meditation on what lies at the root of the holiday spirit. Rose tries to connect with her dying mother. Nina and her boyfriend are in love but must work through his jealousy issues. Artie thinks his late wife's spirit lives in someone else's body. And Jules is a brutalized man yearning for peace.

I wasn't sure what to expect, parts of the movie were good, some were a bit boring.  The cast was good, it seemed to me that it was trying to be like Love Actually, but it just didn't have the spark that that movie has.  I did like how the stories were wrapped up especially the story involving Susan Sarandon and the one with      Penélope Cruz and Paul Walker. 


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