Movie 331- Family/Kids Movies- The Rescuers

Directed by John Lounsbery and Wolfgang Reitherman
Starring Bob Newhart
                     Eva Gabor
Geraldine Page

Faith is a blue bird, we see from far. It's for real and as sure as the first evening star, you can't touch it or buy it or wrap it up tight but it's there just the same, making things turn out right.
Brave mice Bernard and Miss Bianca embark on a mission to save a missing orphan who's sent an urgent call for help from the depths of Devil's Bayou. The tiny heroes will need all their cunning to rescue the child from the evil Madame Medusa, who's using the girl to retrieve the world's largest diamond.

I didn't remember much about this movie so it was like watching it for the first time. I really liked Bob Newhart and Eva Gabor in this, I thought Medusa was a but like Cruella. The story was interesting. I liked all the different characters, I liked the albatross the best. I didn't remember that this wasn't a musical, there was just one. I liked the opening scene when all the mice are going to the meeting.


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