Movie 272- Based on a Book- PS I Love You

Directed by Richard LaGravenese
Starring Gerard Butler
              Hilary Swank
              Lisa Kudrow
              Gina Gershon
              James Marsters
              Kathy Bates
              Harry Connick Jr.

Because you can't sing without making dogs bark?

When she loses her beloved husband Gerry to a brain tumor, grieving widow Holly Kennedy is surprised to learn that he left a series of letters behind to help her cope with the pain of being without him. As the months drag on, Holly finds messages from Gerry that encourage her to go on living. But will the letters mire her deeper into the past, or will they give her the strength she needs to face the future?

I really like this movie, I am not a fan of Hilary Swank at all, but I do like her in this movie.   I got to see this originally at an advanced screening.  I loved it, and was very happy with what they did with the movie.  I didn't like the book at all, and thought the movie was so much better.  I think the cast is great and though it's sad at times it's very funny.  Harry Connick Jr. is great in this, his character is one of my favorite parts of the movie.

Movie 271- Based on a Book- Peyton Place

Directed by Mark Robson
Starring Lana Turner
              Lee Philips
              Lloyd Nolan
              Arthur Kennedy
              Russ Tamblyn
              Hope Lange
              Diane Varsi

We were just playing a game called Photography. You turn off the lights and see what develops.

Although the parents in a picture-perfect New Hampshire town strive to keep their teenagers on the straight and narrow, scandals are around them -- as is murder!

I really like this movie, the actors are great and the story is really interesting.  It's very thought-provoking, and I am surprised by how much they were able to put into the movie for the time it was made.  If you haven't seen a Lana Turner movie, this is one to see, she's great in this.

Movie 270- Based on a True Story- Apollo 13

 Directed by Ron Howard
Starring Tom Hanks
              Kevin Bacon
              Bill Paxton
              Gary Sinise
              Ed Harris

So long, Earth. Catch you on the flip side.

Technical troubles scuttle the Apollo 13 lunar mission in 1971, risking the lives of astronaut Jim Lovell and his crew. Drifting more than 200,000 miles from Earth, the astronauts work furiously with the ground crew to avert tragedy.

I really enjoyed watching this movie.  I don't think I've seen it since it came out on video.  Everyone was great in this especially Tom Hanks and Gary Sinise.  It's suspenseful keeping you on the edge of your seat.

Movie 269- Based on a Book- Gone with the Wind

Directed by Victor Fleming
Starring Vivien Leigh
Clark Gable
Olivia de Havilland
Leslie Howard

Tara! Home. I'll go home. And I'll think of some way to get him back. After all... tomorrow is another day.

Headstrong Scarlett O'Hara, a Southern Belle who meets her match in Rhett Butler just as the Civil War breaks out. Living on a large cotton plantation called Tara in rural Georgia in 1861, Scarlett sees her beloved home and life as she knows it go up in flames -- but will her true love be lost too?

This is one of my favorite movies and books. It's got a great cast who to me are perfect for their roles. This time watching will be the first time I won't be watching Scarlett right after. It makes for a long day, but I always want more once the movie is over. There is so much that isn't in the movie that is in the book, but to have had it all in the movie would have made it into an even longer movie.

Movie 268- Based on a True Story- The Madness of King George

Directed by
Starring Nigel Hawthorne
              Helen Mirren
              Ian Holm

To be Prince of Wales is not a position - it is a predicament.
The dementia of King George III -- the English monarch who lost the war to keep the American colonies -- ignites a flurry of political and familial treachery.

This was a very interesting movie, I had never heard of the story behind this movie before.  It was well acted and funny.  The costumes and the sets were beautiful. 

Movie 267- Based on a True Story- Casino Jack

Directed by George Hickenlooper
Starring Kevin Spacey
              Barry Pepper
              Kelly Preston
              Jon Lovitz
Washington is like Hollywood, but with uglier faces.

A hot shot Washington DC lobbyist and his protégé go down hard as their schemes to peddle influence lead to corruption and murder.

I thought the cast was very good, and Kevin Spacey was very good.  I thought it was an interesting movie and very funny at times, though it was very clear what side the storytellers were on.

Movie 266- Based on a True Story- Public Enemies

Directed by Michael Mann
Starring Johnny Depp
              Christian Bale
              Stephen Graham
              Channing Tatum
              Giovanni Ribisi
We're having too good a time today. We ain't thinking about tomorrow.

In the shadow of the Great Depression, criminal minds are thriving -- notorious men like John Dillinger, "Baby Face" Nelson and "Pretty Boy" Floyd -- and it's up to J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI to bring them down. 

I really enjoyed this movie, we had bought it a long time ago but never got around to watching it till now.  I think Johnny Depp did a great job, as did the rest of the cast.  The story was very interesting, I think that they did a great job in recreating the time period as well.  The ending scene with Johnny Depp was filmed near to where I used to work in Aurora, I can't believe that once I move away from Illinois two movies are filmed near to where I lived, my Grandpa's nephew was an extra in the movie I have his picture that he sent in to the filmmakers so the next time I watch the movie I'll have to look for him.

Movie 265- Heavenly Creatures

Directed by Peter Jackson
Starring Kate Winslet
              Melanie Lynskey

The next time I write in this diary, Mother will be dead. How odd... yet how pleasing.
The Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson helms this chilling true-life drama set in 1950s New Zealand about an obsessive friendship between two girls -- introvert Pauline and self-confident Juliet -- that led to murder. The two become increasingly inseparable, retreating to an imaginary world, until their relationship invites opposition from their families that ultimately begets blood.

This is a really interesting movie, it's well acted.  I like how the movie was filmed.  You get to see the girls imaginary world and then the real world.  The fact that this is a true story is what made me interested in it the first time I saw this, but I like it more for the acting and the story. 

Movie 264- Based on a True Story

Directed by Edward Zwick
Starring Matthew Broderick
              Denzel Washington
              Morgan Freeman
              Cary Elwes

Got some letters here, personal things. Also, if I should fall, remember what you see here.
Robert Gould Shaw leads the US Civil War's first all-black volunteer company, fighting prejudices of both his own Union army and the Confederates.

It's been years since I saw this movie.  It's got a great cast and is well written.  The ending is very moving.

Movie 263- The Ghost and the Darkness

Directed by Stephen Hopkins
Starring Val Kilmer
              Michael Douglas
              Tom Wilkinson

We have an expression in prize fighting: "Everyone has a plan until they've been hit." Well my friend, you've just been hit. The getting up is up to you.

While working for a railroad baron in colonial Uganda, engineer John Patterson finds his construction efforts stymied by a series of lion attacks. After more than 100 workers die, grizzled hunter Charles Remington is called in to head the increasingly desperate effort to kill the animals.

This was a great movie, really interesting and well acted with plenty of action.  I've been to the museum where the lions are, and I'm sure I've seen them, but now I just don't remember that much about them, and I hope that I will be able to go to the museum sometime soon to see them again. 

Movie 262- Based on a True Story- Changeling

Directed by  Clint Eastwood
Starring Angelina Jolie
              Jeffrey Donovan
              John Malkovich

I used to tell Walter, "Never start a fight... but always finish it." I didn't start this fight... but by God, I'm going to finish it.
Christine Collins is overjoyed when her kidnapped son is brought back home. But when Christine suspects that the boy returned to her isn't her child, the police captain has her committed to an asylum. 

This was a really interesting, and well acted.  I had never heard of the story this was based on before I saw this, it's crazy what the police did.  I think they did a great job at capturing the time and making you really think it was the 1920's.  This is one of those movies that make you hope for a different ending even though you know how it will end.

Movie 261- Casino Royale

Directed by Martin Campbell
Starring Daniel Craig
              Mads Mikkelsen
              Eva Green
              Judi Dench

Sometimes we pay so much attention to our enemies, we forget to watch our friends as well.
In his first mission, James Bond must stop Le Chiffre, a banker to the world's terrorist organizations, from winning a high-stakes poker tournament at Casino Royale in Montenegro.

Before I saw this movie I was one of those people who thought Daniel Craig was all wrong for James Bond, but he proved me wrong and this has become one of my favorite Bond movies.  It's got a great story and a great cast I like the opening theme song and credits.  I really like that they rebooted the story and began with the first story. 

Movie 260- Based on a True Stoy- Mao's Last Dancer

Directed by Bruce Beresford
Starring Chi Cao
              Bruce Greenwood
              Kyle MacLachlan
              Joan Chen
              Amanda Schull

A delegation from Madame Mao's Beijing Dance Academy selects 11-year-old peasant villager Li Cunxin to study ballet in far-off Beijing, where he trains for seven grueling years to become one of China's greatest dancers. His efforts win him the opportunity to dance in America, opening his eyes to a new love and the possibility of a dramatic defection from China.

This movie was really good, it had just the right amount of dancing.  It was a really interesting story and I find it really interesting how other countries recruited their dancers and Olympic champions.  My favorite part was when the old men went to his parents and blamed them for his defection, and his mother gave it right back to him telling him that they were the ones who brought him up. 

Movie 259- Based on a True Story- JFK

Directed by Oliver Stone
Starring Kevin Costner
              Gary Oldman
              Jay O. Sanders
              Joe Pesci

The FBI says they can prove it through physics in a nuclear laboratory. Of course they can prove it. Theoretical physics can also prove that an elephant can hang off a cliff with its tail tied to a daisy! But use your eyes, your common sense.

When Kennedy is killed while visiting Dallas, a lone gunman named Lee Harvey Oswald takes the fall. But was he acting alone, or was he part of a larger conspiracy?

I found this movie fascinating, we all know the story but there were a lot of facts presented here that I had never heard.  I thought the cast was good.  Joe Pesci's hair and eye brows were crazy I looked up what the guy really looked like and they did a pretty good job with the eyebrows.  I wonder if we will ever find out what happened.

Movie 258- Based on a True Story- Black Hawk Down

Directed by Ridley Scott
Starring Josh Hartnett
             Ewan McGregor
             Tom Sizemore
             Eric Bana

When U.S. Rangers and an elite Delta Force team attempt to kidnap two underlings of a Somali warlord, their Black Hawk helicopters are shot down, and the Americans suffer heavy casualties, facing intense fighting from the militia on the ground.

This movies got a great cast, there are so many people who I recognized that I didn't know of the last time I saw the movie. 

Movie 257- Based on a Book- Sense and Sensibility

Directed by Ang Lee
Starring Emma Thompson
              Kate Winslet
              Alan Rickman
              Hugh Grant

I am by no means assured of his regard and even were he to feel such a preference I think we should both be very foolish to assume that there would not be many obstacles to his marrying a woman of no rank who cannot afford to buy sugar.

Jane Austen's classic tale of 19th-century etiquette and ethics chronicles the troubles and triumphs of the marriage-minded Dashwood sisters -- sensible oldest sibling Elinor and her romantic younger sister, Marianne. While Marianne deftly charms two suitors, Elinor must weather a circuitous courtship with an aspiring clergyman of considerable reserve.

This is my favorite Jane Austen story and movie.  It's cast perfectly and the script is touching and funny.  I don't have anything but good things to say about this movie.  Hugh Laurie is great in this as a long suffering husband, his scenes are some of the best.  Alan Rickman is perfect in this movie, it's my favorite performance of his.  If you haven't seen this then I really suggest it.

Movie 256- Based on a True Story- The Damned United

Directed by Tom Hooper
Starring Michael Sheen
              Timothy Spall
              Jim Broadbent

I wouldn't say I was the best manager in the country. But I'm in the top one.

Brian Clough, the fiercely strong-willed and outspoken soccer manager who served a famously short tenure at the helm of England's reigning champs, Leeds United, in 1974.

I found this movie to be really interesting.  Not knowing a lot about soccer, or about the history of soccer, I learned quite a bit.  The acting by everyone is very good, especially Michael Sheen.  I like how they used real footage in the movie, it made it seem more authentic.

Movie 255- Based on a Graphic Novel- Road to Perdition

Directed by Sam Mendes
Starring Tom Hanks
              Paul Newman
              Jude Law
              Daniel Craig
              Jennifer Jason Leigh
              Tyler Hoechlin

There are many stories about Michael Sullivan. Some say he was a decent man. Some say there was no good in him at all. But I once spent 6 weeks on the road with him, in the winter of 1931. This is our story.

Hit man Michael Sullivan, known in his 1930s Chicago world as The Angel of Death, is on the run after his wife and son are murdered. With his surviving son in tow, Michael sets out to exact brutal vengeance. Complicating matters in this crime actioner are a reporter, Al Capone's enforcer and other shady characters.

I like this movie a lot, it's really interesting to see Tom Hanks in a different kind of role than he normally plays.  It's got a great cast, and it's really well made.  There are some great scenes between father and son, some a very funny, especially when the son is learning to drive.  I was visiting Illinois when they were filming in Aurora, I saw the trailers but they weren't shooting that day so I didn't get to see much.  If you haven't seen this movie then you really should it's a great movie.

Movie 254- Based on a True Story- United 93

Directed by Paul Greengrass

Re-creating the harrowing events aboard United Airlines Flight 93 in real time, documentary filmmaker Paul Greengrass presents the unforgettable drama of Sept. 11, 2001, as experienced by those on board and by those watching in horror on the ground. This compact yet powerful story earned Greengrass an Oscar nod and follows a disparate group of strangers that bands together for a common purpose, risking their lives so that others might live.

I like that they had a relatively unknown cast, since they didn't overshadow the story, it was an intense film and very well made.

Movie 253- Based on a Graphic Novel and a True Story- From Hell

Directed by Albert Hughes and Allen Hughes
Starring Johnny Depp
              Heather Graham
              Robbie Coltrane
              Ian Holm

One day men will look back and say that I gave birth to the twentieth century.

In Victorian Era London, a troubled clairvoyant police detective investigates the murders by Jack The Ripper.

This is one of my favorite Johnny Depp movies, and my favorite movie about Jack the Ripper.  I like how the movie draws you into the story without dumbing down all the facts.  It's shot beautifully and I feel that they captured Victorian London really well.

Movie 252- Based on a True Story- Gettysburg

Directed by
Starring Jeff Daniels
              Tom Berenger
              Martin Sheen
              Stephen Lang

Many of us volunteered to fight for the Union. Some came mainly because we were bored at home and this looked like it might be fun. Some came because we were ashamed not to. Many came because it was the right thing to do.

The fiercest battle fought on American soil comes to the screen in a realistic production that painstakingly re-creates the events of three fateful days in July 1863 -- from the actual battle locations to the uniforms and boots.

What I like most about this movie is that it doesn't pick a side.  It tells both sides story equally.  It's got a great cast, I like that they showed the actual person beside the actor who played them and gave a bit of history along with them.  The soundtrack was good, I remember my dad listening to it a lot after the movie came out.  I am glad that I finally watched.

Movie 251- Based on a True Story- The Untouchables

Directed by Brian De Palma
Starring Kevin Costner
              Sean Connery
              Andy Garcia
              Robert De Niro

You just fulfilled the first rule of law enforcement: make sure when your shift is over you go home alive. Here endeth the lesson.
G-man Eliot Ness will stop at nothing to take down legendary gangster Al Capone -- even if it means bending some rules.

I liked the movie, I thought the cast was good, and I thought that everything seemed authentic to the time period, except for the music, that just didn't seem to fit to me, it seemed like it belonged in a 1980's cop show.  I wish that they spent a bit more time on who Capone was, his character wasn't as developed as the others, and it would have helped the viewers understand why he did what he was doing.  Overall a great movie.

Movie 250- Based on a True Story- The Game of Their Lives (The Miracle Match)

Directed by David Anspaugh
Starring Gerard Butler
              Wes Bentley
               Patrick Stewart
               Gavin Rossdale

Based on a true story, this film tells the tale of the 1950 US soccer team who, against all odds, beat England 1 - 0 in the city of Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Although no US team has ever won a World Cup title, this story is about the family traditions and passions which shaped the lives of the players who made up this team of underdogs.

This is a great movie, it's inspirational and I think pays great respect to the men the story is based on.  The cast is good and the story really interesting.  It kind of reminds me of A League of Their Own, when you see the real people that the story was based on.

Movie 249- Based on a Graphic Novel- Sin City

Directed by Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller
Starring Mickey Rourke
              Jaime King
              Clive Owen
              Bruce Willis
              Jessica Alba
              Nick Stahl
              Elijah Wood
              Benicio Del Toro
              Rosario Dawson

She shivers in the wind like the last leaf on a dying tree. I let her hear my footsteps. She only goes stiff for a moment.
Ex-con Marv avenges a hooker's death, Detective Dwight gets involved with hazardous vixens and a rogue cop becomes hell-bent on saving a stripper from a rapist.

I really enjoy watching this movie, mainly because of the way they filmed it.  I like how it looks just like the graphic novel, from the use of showing just a black silhouette against the white background to the use of color (or the lack of color).  I also like the dialogue, and think that they got a great cast who all seem perfect in their roles.

Movie 248- Based on a Book- The Talented Mr. Ripley

Directed by Anthony Minghella
Starring Matt Damon
              Jude Law
              Gwyneth Paltrow
              Phillip Seymour Hoffman
              Jack Davenport
              Cate Blanchett

You're the brother I never had. I'm the brother you never had. I would do anything for you, Dickie.

Charming sociopath Tom Ripley maneuvers his way into the lush life of a young heir vacationing in Italy.

To me this has the feel of a Hitchcock movie.  The book was written by Patricia Highsmith who wrote Strangers on a Train, which Hitchcock did direct.  What I noticed this time watching the movie is how young Cate Blanchett looked in this.  Matt Damon is very creepy in this movie, this was the first movie I ever saw Jude Law in and till Sherlock Holmes this was my favorite of his movies.  I won't go into much detail since it would give away too much of the plot, but I wish that a sequel would have been made with the same cast, I would have liked to know what happened with Tom, it's got an ambiguous ending that is good, but leaves you wanting more.

Movie 247- Based on a Book- Fantastic Mr. Fox

Directed by Wes Anderson
Starring George Clooney
              Meryl Streep
              Bill Murray
              Jason Schwartzman

There's a lot of attitudes going on around here... don't let me get one.
When Mr. Fox's nightly raids on three nearby farms raise the ire of the selfish farmers, he must outwit the men's increasingly outrageous plans to catch him. As the farmers' schemes take a toll on his hungry family, Mr. Fox must find a new way to get his paws on the bounty. 

This was one of my favorite books when I was younger, I would also listen to the audio book all the time, it was read by the author Roald Dahl.  The movie version is very good, it's missing some great stuff from the book, but it's a great adaptation.  I think everyone did was great in it, and I really like how the movie was made.  It's a funny movie, and it's not necessarily a children's movie, so check it out.

Movie 246- Based on a Book- Murder on the Orient Express

Directed by
Starring Albert Finney
              Richard Widmark
              Lauren Bacall
              Martin Balsam
              Ingrid Bergman
              Sean Connery
              John Gielgud
              Anthony Perkins
              Michael York

If all these people are not implicated in the crime, then why have they all told me, under interrogation, stupid and often unnecessary lies? Why? Why? Why? Why?
Investigator Hercule Poirot is heading home aboard the Orient Express when a fellow passenger, American businessman Samuel Ratchett, is found murdered. Widely despised for his role in the kidnapping and death of a baby, Rachett had many enemies, so Poirot must sift through an eccentric group of suspects to find the killer.

This is my favorite Agatha Christie stories, mainly because of this movie, I love the flashbacks that tell the back-story, and I think it's got a great cast.  Albert Finney is great as Poirot.  I remember waking up really early when I was younger and not being able to fall back asleep going out to the living room and watching this for the first time.  I love the ending, which I won't spoil if you haven't seen this or any other version. 

Movie 245- Based on a true story- Zodiac

Directed by David Fincher
Starring Jake Gyllenhaal
              Robert Downey Jr.
              Mark Ruffalo
              Chloë Sevigny

Does he think that Zodiac's gonna send another code? 'Cause I think Zodiac's gonna send another code.
A San Francisco cartoonist becomes an amateur detective obsessed with tracking down the Zodiac killer.

This is one of my favorite movies, I think it's fascinating.  I think the cast is great.  When we went to see this for a free screening, during the part where they are searching the trailer and when they open the refrigerator, the fire alarm went off somewhere in the mall, it wasn't very loud in the theater so at first I thought, and I'm sure others thought that it was part of the movie, but then it kept going and when I realized that no one in the movie was reacting to the sound I realized that it was real.  So we kind of begin to get up but none of the security guys are saying anything to us, then finally someone who worked at the theater said it was fine to stay seated.  I will always remember that when ever that scene come on. 

Movie 244- Movie based on a true story- Topsy-Turvy

Directed Mike Leigh
Starring Jim Broadbent
             Allan Corduner
             Ron Cook
             Timothy Spall
             Shirley Henderson

Mr. Grossmith, you are under sentence of death, "by something lingering, either boiling oil or melted lead." Kindly bear that in mind.

After their production of "Princess Ida" tanks, Arthur Gilbert and William Sullivan start a cold war that threatens to end their long-lasting partnership -- but friends and associates work overtime to bring them back together. The result is their classic play "The Mikado."

This is a good movie, it's a bit long, but what I like about it is how they inserted the songs into the movie while not giving us just a rehearsal scene.  The cast is great and the costumes are beautiful.  I recently started watching Torchwood again, and was surprised to see a couple people in this movie.  But that's one of the things I like about watching something I haven't seen in a long time, recognizing actors who I know of now that I didn't know before.  I also like this movie because Jim Broadbent isn't playing the buffoon he tends to play so often.  If you like the musical of Gilbert and Sullivan and you haven't seen this then I suggest you check it out. 

September's movie Genre

This month I will be watching movies that are based on actual events or movies based on a book.  One September 1st.  I went to a book signing for Cheryl Crane's new book- The Bad Always Die Twice.  She is the daughter of Lana Turner, it was very interesting and I can't wait to read the book. 

Movie 243- Action/Adventure- Star Wars Episode 6: The Return of the Jedi

Directed by Richard Marquand
Starring Mark Hamill
              Harrison Ford
              Carrie Fisher

Your father... was seduced by the Dark Side of the Force. He ceased to be Anakin Skywalker and "became" Darth Vader. When that happened, the good man who was your father was destroyed. So what I told you was true... from a certain point of view.

The rebel forces take their last stand against the Empire, while Luke Skywalker seeks a final confrontation with his nemesis. Luke rescues Han and Leia from the clutches of Jabba the Hutt, and while they join the rebels and the furry Ewoks to battle the rebuilt Death Star, Luke faces off with Darth Vader one last time.

I like parts of this movie and there are parts that I hate, the whole part with Jabba I can't stand the puppets are terrible, and it just seemed to go on for too long.  I don't care for the Ewoks either, but they aren't as bad as Jar Jar, though you can hear him thanks to the reworking George Lucas has done to the films.  I think that its got a great ending with wraps everything up well.  I do kind of feel bad for the actor who originally played Anakin since he was replaced with Hayden Christensen at the end, but it makes more sense to have him a younger man than older like they originally had him.

Movie 242- Action/Adventure- Spider-Man

Directed by Sam Raimi
Starring Tobey Maguire
              Willem Dafoe
               Kirsten Dunst
               James Fracno

Whatever life holds in store for me, I will never forget these words: "With great power comes great responsibility." This is my gift, my curse. Who am I? I'm Spider-man.
After being chomped by a genetically altered spider, shy high schooler Peter Parker is endowed with amazing superpowers. And while he first uses them to win wrestling matches, he'll eventually need them to battle a villain known as the Green Goblin. Peter's abilities allow him to win the girl of his dreams, but family tragedy and a suspicious best friend leave him emotionally drained.

I didn't really care for this movie, I'm not really sure why, the acting and the story was fine.  I am interested in seeing how I feel about the new movie, the trailer makes it seem like it will be good. 

Movie- 241- Action/Adventure- Star Wars Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back

Directed by Irvin Kershner
Starring Mark Hamill
              Harrison Ford
              Carrie Fisher      
              James Earl Jones
              Billy Dee Williams

Impressive. Most impressive. Obi-Wan has taught you well. You have controlled your fear. Now, release your anger. Only your hatred can destroy me.

Luke Skywalker learns the ways of the Jedi from aging master Yoda, while Han Solo and Leia  are pursued by the nefarious Darth Vader.

This is my favorite of the original three movies, it's a bit darker than the first movie, but there is more for the characters to do.  It's funny and there is a lot of action.  It also has one of the best cliffhangers ever

Movie 240- Action/Adventure- Lethal Weapon

Directed by Richard Donner
Starring Mel Gibson
              Danny Glover
              Gary Busey

Do you really wanna jump? Do you wanna? Well, that's fine with me. Come on, I wanna do it, I wanna do it.

Older, buttoned-down LAPD detective Roger Murtaugh is teamed with unhinged cop Martin Riggs, who -- distraught after his wife's death -- has a death wish and takes unnecessary risks with criminals at every turn. The odd couple embark on their first homicide investigation as partners, involving a young woman known to Murtaugh with ties to a drug and prostitution ring.

I thought that this was pretty good, of course this was made when Mel Gibson was popular.  I thought that the cast was good and the story entertaining.  It was funny and had a lot of action.  It's a little cheesy due to the music, which is classic 80's, but it adds to the fun of it all.