Movie 239- Action/Adventure- RED

Directed by Robert Schwentke
Starring Bruce Willis
              Mary-Louise Parker
              Helen Mirren
              John Malkovich
              Karl Urban
              Morgan Freeman

I was hoping not to get kidnapped. Or drugged. I was hoping you'd have hair. So it looks like none of our dreams are coming true at the moment.

After trading in his professional past as a black-ops CIA operative for a new identity, Frank Moses is basking in normality. But he's forced to return to old habits when an assassin puts a target on his back and goes after the woman he loves.

This was a good movie, the cast was great.  I love how paranoid and crazy John Malkovich is.  It was funny and full of action.  What I like is that it's got a bunch of older actors in the roles that are usually played by younger actors.  It's really enjoyable and I can't wait to see it again.

Movie 238- Action/Adventure- Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope

Directed by  George Lucas
Starring Mark Hamill
              Harrison Ford
              Alec Guinness
              Carrie Fisher

I've been waiting for you, Obi-Wan. We meet again, at last. The circle is now complete. When I left you, I was but the learner; now I am the master.

Luke Skywalker and Han Solo, with the help of Obi-Wan Kenobi, face off against Darth Vader to save Princess Leia and destroy the Death Star.

What I like best about the movie is Harrison Ford, he's got some great lines.  I like most of the movie except for the part of the movie where they are trying to destroy the Death Star.  I've always found this part long and even though there is a lot of action going on, I kind of found it boring, I remember feeling like when I first saw the movie.  The cast is good, and the story is interesting right from the the opening scene it draws you in. 

Movie 237- Action/Adventure- The Crow

Directed Alex Proyas
Starring Brandon Lee
              Ernie Hudson
              Ling Bai

So you're him, huh? The Avenger. The Killer of Killers. Nice outfit. I'm not sure about the face, though.

Exactly one year after young rock guitarist Eric Draven, and his fiancée are brutally killed by a ruthless gang of criminals, Draven -- watched over by a hypnotic crow -- returns from the grave to exact revenge.

I thought the movie was ok, I think it was missing something.  I thought it was well made and the acting was pretty good, I heard that there will be a remake or a reboot, I think that it will be better, at least with a better cast, not everyone was bad in the movie, just a few of the cast were not so great in my opinion.  The fact that Brandon Lee was killed during the filming adds more to the movie than anything else I think. 

Movie 236- Action/Adventure- Thor

Directed by Kenneth Branagh
Starring Chris Hemsworth
              Natalie Portman
              Anthony Hopkins
              Stellan Skarsgård
              Kat Dennings

This mortal form grows weak. I require sustenance!

Thor, a powerful warrior whose father, Odin -- the king of Asgard -- forces him to live among humans on Earth and learn humility. Once there, he finds a friend, along with unexpected enemies sent from his world.

After watching Iron Man 2 and seeing the clip after the credits I really wanted to see this.  I wasn't disappointed.  I thought it was a very good movie.  I thought the cast was good and the story was good.  I was impressed that Kenneth Branagh, this is really far off from what you would expect from him.  The clip at the end was more of a cliffhanger than the other movies.  Now to wait until next summer for The Avengers. 

Movie 235- Action/Adventure- The X-Files: Fight the Future

Directed by Rob Bowman
Starring David Duchovny
              Gillian Anderson
              Martin Landau
              Blythe Danner

Whatever happened to playing a hunch, Scully? The element of surprise, random acts of unpredictability? If we fail to anticipate the unforeseen or expect the unexpected in a universe of infinite possibilities, we may find ourselves at the mercy of anyone or anything that cannot be programmed, categorized or easily referenced.

FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully trail an intricate conspiracy around a prehistoric extraterrestrial virus.  When the long-dormant strain reemerges at a housing development in a Dallas suburb, an unknown organization goes to extraordinary lengths to cover up the truth behind the mysterious disease.

While this was the kind of storyline that I never really liked on The X-Files I was excited to see the movie.  I even went a convention, I don't really remember much of it, but it wasn't as geeky as you might have thought.  I got autographs from Skinner, Mr. X and the Smoking Man, which was pretty cool.  But what I remember most is that we got to see a sneak peak of the movie.  I like that the movie picks up were the season left off.  I like the humor, and the cast.  When I go back and watch the movie, it makes me want to go back and watch the show again. 

Movie 234- Action/Adventure- Timeline

Directed by Richard Donner
Starring Paul Walker
              Gerard Butler
              Frances O'Connor
              Billy Connolly

Trust me- we're in 1357 France.

When a technology corporation has created a method for traveling into the past, a history professor is trapped in 1357 France, prompting his students and son to travel back in time to rescue him. Once there, they have to deal with untold perils before they can complete their mission.

This is a good movie lots of action.  The cast is good especially Gerard Butler, Michael Sheen, and Anna Friel.  The scene where Gerard Butler and Anna Friel are in the water is very cute.  It's a interesting movie and I really recommend it. 

Movie 233- Action Adventure- Iron Man 2

Directed by Jon Favreau
Starring Robert Downey Jr.
              Mickey Rourke
              Sam Rockwell
              Gwyneth Paltrow
              Scarlett Johansson
              Don Cheadle
              Samuel L. Jackson

Wealthy inventor Tony Stark -- aka Iron Man -- resists calls by the American government to hand over his technology. Meanwhile, Ivan Vanko has constructed his own miniaturized arc reactor, causing all kinds of problems for our superhero.

I didn't care for this one as much as I liked the first Iron Man movie.  I thought the cast was good, I just didn't care for the story.  It's seemed more of an excuse to introduce the Scarlett Johansson and Samuel L. Jackson characters which will be in the upcoming Avengers movie.  Mickey Rourke looked kind of stupid with the hair with the white streaks, but I love that he had a pet bird, just like a villain should, so that they can stroke them and laugh when things are seemingly going their way.  There was some funny scenes, and if you watch till the end of the credits there is a scene setting up the movie Thor.

Movie 232- Action/Adventure- Star Wars Episode 3: The Revenge of the Sith

Directed by George Lucas
Starring Hayden Christensen
              Natalie Portman
              Ewan McGregor
              Samuel L. Jackson
              Ian McDiarmid
You were the chosen one! It was said that you would destroy the Sith, not join them. You were to bring balance to the force, not leave it in darkness.

Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala are married, and General Grievous leads the Confederacy in a battle against the Republic. Meanwhile, Darth Sidious is luring war-weary Anakin to the dark side, forcing Obi-Wan Kenobi to fight against his former pupil.

I think that even though at times I feel as if there is so much crammed into the movie that it seems a bit rushed at the end it's my favorite of the prequels.  I thought that the acting is a lot better than the previous movies.  My biggest problem is that I feel that Anakin turned to quickly, it's cool to see how he became the Darth Vader we know.  I like how they tied everything up and brought everything together for Star Wars: A New Hope.  Another thing I like is that Jar Jar Binks doesn't say a word.

Movie 231- Action/Adventure- The Man With the Golden Gun

Directed by Guy Hamilton's
Starring Roger Moore
              Christopher Lee
              Britt Eckland
              Maud Adams
              Hervé Villechaize

You see, Mr Bond, like all great artists I want to create one indisputable masterpiece: the death of 007.

Francisco Scaramanga, the world's deadliest assassin, has set his sights set on 007. James Bond has a license to kill, but Scaramanga isn't playing by anyone's rules as the cat-and-mouse game of death takes the two from the Far East to Scaramanga's island lair.

This is one of my favorite Roger Moore Bond movies, it's not the best at times, but other times it's great.  The times when it's just plain bad is the Sheriff J. W. Pepper and the to comedic tone the movie gets when he's in the scene, it's like a scene out to of Dukes of Hazzard, Roger Moore is a bit to aggressive in this one when you compare it to his other movies, its almost as if they wanted to balance out the silliness of the rest of the movie.  Scaramanga is one of the best Bond villains.  I like most of the scenes with him there is some great dialogue between the two of them.  The Bond girls aren't so great in this either I thought that Britt Ekland's character was way to dumb. 

Movie 230- Action/Adventure- Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Directed by
Starring Harrison Ford
              Sean Connery
              Alison Doody
              John Rhys-Davies
              Denholm Elliott
              Julian Glover
              River Phoenix

Sallah: Please, what does it always mean, this... this "Junior"? Professor Henry Jones: That's his name.
[points to himself]
Professor Henry Jones: Henry Jones...
[points to Indy]
Professor Henry Jones: ...Junior. Indiana Jones: I like "Indiana." Professor Henry Jones: We named the *dog* Indiana. Marcus Brody: May we go home now, please?                                                           Sallah: The dog?
                                                          [starts laughing]
                                                         Sallah: You are named after the dog? HA HA HA...!
                                                         Indiana Jones: I've got a lot of fond memories of that dog.

This is my favorite Indiana Jones movie.  I love the opening scene, where you meet a young Indiana and learn how he got his scar, the hat, how he became afraid of snakes, and when he first used the whip.  The cast is great, and Sean Connery is great as Indiana's father, I think they had great chemistry in the movie.  I like the part of the movie when you think that Indiana was killed going over the cliff with the Nazi, and the other three are looking over the edge and he climbs back up a little ways over and walks up behind them and looks over to.  I want to go and play Lego Indiana Jones now:)

Movie 229- Action/Adventure- Jack The Giant Killer (RiffTrax Live Edtition)

Directed by Nathan Juran
Starring Kerwin Mathews
              Judi Meredith
              Torin Thatcher                    

Jack, a courageous hero who rescues the Princess Elain from the evil clutches of the wizard Pendragon, who wants to be king of Cornwall and decides the only way is to force the present ruler's daughter to marry him, but his plans are foiled when Jack slays Pendragon's henchman.

Quote from movie- I kill a giant every morning before breakfast. Starts my day right.

Favorite quote from the Riffers- Medieval Voguing

The move itself wasn't that bad, the special effects were pretty good for the time it was made and while some of the actors were a bit over the top, it was a pretty good movie.  But the guys from RiffTrax made the movie so funny with all their comments.  Check out their website to see what other movies they've done, I recommend them all but if you want a good laugh I suggest the Twilight movies and The Room.  Before the movie actually started they had a short from the 70's called What is Nothing?  It was very funny. 

Movie 228- Action/Adventure- X-Men Origins- Wolverine

Directed by Gavin Hood
Starring Hugh Jackman
              Liev Schreiber
              Ryan Reynolds
              Danny Huston
              Lynn Collins

Mutants. I don't hate them, I just know what they can do. You don't realize this, but we are at war. I took an oath: Protect this country. My name is William Stryker, and I am not a monster. I am simply a patriot.

After seeking to live a normal life, Logan sets out to avenge the death of his girlfriend by undergoing the mutant Weapon X program and becoming Wolverine.

This was a pretty good movie, I don't think it's as good as X-Men First Class was or the second X-Men movie, but it was good.  I really liked the cast, and I liked the opening credits where it went through all the years that Logan lived it condensed a lot of back story just through images, which was interesting.  I was lucky enough to be able to go to the premier of the movie and I've posted some pictures of the event.  We didn't go to the movie, until two days later I think, but just being at an event like that was cool.  We were pretty close to where Ryan Reynold, Liev Schreiber, and Hugh Jackman walked by, but not close enough to get any autographs.  If you haven't seen the movie yet make sure you watch past the credits for a bonus scene.

Movie 227- Action/Adventure- Star Wars: Episode II: The Attack of the Clones

Director George Lucas
Starring Hayden Christensen
              Natalie Portman
              Ewan McGregor
              Christopher Lee

Clear your mind must be, if you are to discover the real villains behind this plot.

Anakin Skywalker makes progress in his Jedi training, falls in love with Padmé Amidala and grows into a young man capable of a power that can either save or destroy him. Though he's under the direction of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Skywalker wrestles with the demons that begin to lure him to the Dark Side.

I like this movie so much more than the first one, I think the acting and the story is a lot better in this.  There's more action and less Jar Jar Binks, and less pod racing scenes that seemed to go on forever.  I think that while Count Dooku is a pretty dumb name his character is awesome.  I like Christopher Lee, he's been in so many of my favorite movies (a lot of which I'll get to watch in October!!!).  The duel between Yoda and Dooku is awesome...

Movie 226- Action/Adventure- Hof Fuzz

Directed by Edgar Wright
Starring Simon Pegg
              Nick Frost
              Timothy Dalton

Is it true that there's a point on a man's head where if you shoot it, it will blow up?
A top London cop is ready to die of boredom when his superiors transfer him to a sleepy English village to work alongside a blundering but well-meaning young constable. But soon enough, the town begins to stir with a series of grisly "accidents." Is foul play afoot in this seemingly idyllic hamlet, where nothing remotely serious ever happens?

This movie is really funny.  Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are great together, while I don't think this is as good as Shaun of the Dead this is still funny.  The cast is great, I watch a lot of stuff on BBC America and other English movies and shows so I recognized a lot of the other actors, one of my favorite supporting cast members is Bill Bailey, he's very funny.  It was interesting to see Timothy Dalton play a different type of character from what I am used to seeing him play.  If you like cop movies and comedies and you haven't seen this yet check it out, it's a great movie. 

Movie 225- Action/Adventure- Star Trek

Directed by J.J. Abrams
Starring Chris Pine
              Zachary Quinto
              Anton Yelchin
              Zoe Saldana
              Simon Pegg
              John Cho
              Eric Bana

I don't need a doctor, damnit, I AM a doctor!

A chronicle of the early days of James T. Kirk and his fellow USS Enterprise crew members.

I was actually surprised how much I liked the movie, I've never seen more than 5 minutes of the show or any of the original movies.  I thought the cast was great and the story really interesting.  We got to see this at a free screening and I don't think I would have seen this as soon as I did if it hadn't been for that.  I do plan on seeing any other movies that they do in the future.

Movie 224- Action/Adventure- Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Directed by Steven Spielberg
Starring Harrison Ford
              Jonathan Ke Quan
              Kate Capshaw

I'm allowing you to tag along. So why don't you give your mouth a rest. Okay doll?
Indy, his young sidekick Short Round and spoiled songbird Willie Scott go a mysterious fortress in India to find a missing magic stone. The trio risks everything -- and in the process stumbles upon the rituals of a demonic cult. It's a jam only the whip-toting adventurer could get out of alive!

This is my least favorite of the Indiana Jones movies (I've only seen the fourth movie once and I don't remember it that well to say how I feel about it), I think it's mostly because of the supporting cast Harrison Ford is good, but I find Willie and Short Round the most annoying characters in the series.  I remember the dinner scene freaked me out with the eye soup and the monkey brains, it's pretty funny now.

Movie 223- Action/Adventure- The Final Sacrifice (MST3K version)

Directed by Tjardus Greidanus
Starring Christian Malcolm
              Bruce J. Mitchell
              Shane Marceau

I'm Rowsdower... Zap Rowsdower. (from the movie)
"Directed by
Tjardus Greidanus"
Crow: "That's an anagram for 'DIRECT TO VIDEO."
(line from MST3K)

Fleeing from the cult that murdered his father, a teen is aided in his quest to find the lost city of the fabled Ziox by a secretive drifter.

This is one of my favorite episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000, I had to choose this movie because Mike Nelson posted a link to an interview from the guy who played Rowsdower on Face book and it made me want to watch it.  I checked on IMDB to be sure that the movie would fit into this months movie category and it said it was.  If you've never seen a episode of MST3K, then I suggest checking it out there are several on Netflix that are view instantly.  I've posted a video from YouTube dedicated to Rowsdower, there are so many moments in this movie that just make me laugh so much.  The movie is terrible, all of the movies they used on the show, but they make it bearable with all the jokes and comments though out the movie.



Movie 222- Action/Adventure- RocknRolla

Directed by Guy Ritchie
Starring Gerard Butler
              Thandie Newton
               Tom Wilkinson
               Jeremy Piven
If a slap don't work, you cut 'em or you pay 'em, but you keep your receipts, cos this ain't the Mafia.

In London, a real-estate scam puts millions of pounds up for grabs, attracting some of the city's scrappiest tough guys and its more established underworld types, all of whom are looking to get rich quick. While the city's seasoned criminals vie for the cash, an unexpected player -- a drugged out rock 'n' roller presumed to be dead but very much alive...

I found the movie to be a little boring at times, but I really liked the cast so that made up for the pacing of the movie, the story was interesting, it was funny, and the music was used well.  If you are a fan of Guy Ritchie or heist movies then you would like this movie.

Movie 221- Action/Adventure- Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

Directed by Steven Spielberg
Starring Harrison Ford
              Karen Allen
              Paul Freeman
              John Rhys-Davies

Professor of archeology, expert on the occult, and how does one say it? Obtainer of rare antiquities.

When Dr. Indiana Jones -- the tweed-suited professor who just happens to be a celebrated archaeologist -- is hired by the government to locate the legendary Ark of the Covenant, he finds himself up against the entire Nazi regime.

This is one of those movies that you can always go to and have a great time watching it.  It's a great adventure movie.  It's got a great cast, Harrison Ford is great, there are so many funny moments in this that it's hard to pick out my favorite part.  I remember when I first saw this I didn't like it that the monkey died, and I remember that I was really creeped out by the ending with the melting faces and exploding head.  It's kind of surprising that it got a PG rating, but looking at it now it's not as bad as some of the stuff they show on TV, and it's pretty obvious that its a model in some of the shots.  I do love the scene where the guy eats the fly.  I can't believe he just let it walk right in his mouth it reminded me of Dark Shadows, I've posted a video of both check them both out. 

Movie 220- Action/Adventure- Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace

Directed by George Lucas
Starring Liam Neeson
              Ewan McGregor
              Natalie Portman
He had all the lightsaber fighting capabilities and the moves of the Jedi, only faster and more agressive. My only conclusion... is that it was a Sith lord.
In this Star Wars prequel, jedi Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi  must protect Queen Amidala from the evil clutches of Darth Sidious and Senator Palpatine. Along the way, they meet Anakin Skywalker, a child who shows intimations of a great gift.

I remember when this came out in theaters, I think it was the first movie that I had ever gone to that was so packed that the only seats free were the first two rows, it was like that both times I went to see this.  I can't honestly say that I like this movie, I like parts of it, but there are a few things that I can't stand about it, one is the character Jar Jar Binks and the other is the pretty bad acting, mostly from the actress who plays Anakin's mother and Jake Lloyd, I know he's just a kid but he was not natural.  I thought the cast (apart from the previously mentioned two) was good.  I think Darth Maul was a great character and I wish that he had stuck around a bit longer. 

Movie 219- Action Adventure- Captian America: The First Avenger

Directed by Joe Johnston
Starring Chris Evans
              Hugo Weaving
              Tommy Lee Jones
              Hayley Atwell

Why someone weak? Because a weak man knows the value of strength, the value of power...
After being deemed unfit for military service, Steve Rogers volunteers for a top secret research project that turns him into Captain America, a superhero dedicated to defending America's ideals.

I wasn't going into this movie with any prior opinions, but I came out the the theater glad that we chose to see it.  I was very good.  I was impressed with the digital effects they used to make Chris Evans go from a skinny little guy to Captain America.  It was pretty cool.   I thought the cast was good., and I liked how the story took place in the 40's for the most part.  The movie was full of funny moments with a lot of great action scenes.  Watch till the end of the credits for a scene that leads to a sneak peak of the trailer for The Avengers movie that will come out next summer. 

Movie 218- Action/Adventure- The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Directed by Stephen Norrington
Starring Sean Connery
              Stuart Townsend
              Shane West
              Peta Wilson
              Richard Roxburgh
 Allow me to introduce myself. Rodney Skinner, gentleman thief. Now, I thought invisibility would be a boon to my work. Well, you can imagine, it was my undoing. Once you're invisible, it's bloody hard to turn back.

To prevent a world war from breaking out, famous characters from Victorian literature -- including Allan Quatermain, Dorian Gray, Tom Sawyer and Captain Nemo -- band together to do battle against a cunning villain known as the Fantom.

What I like about the movie is how it pulled all the familiar characters from classic literature and made tehm all exist in the same world.  I haven't been able to read any of the graphic novels which this is based on, so I have nothing to compare it with.  It is not the best movie, but I don't think it's as bad as some have made it out to be.  I

Movie 217- Action/Advenure- Watchmen

Directed by Zack Snyder
Starring Billy Crudup
             Carla Gugino
             Jackie Earle Haley
             Patrick Wilson
             Malin Akerman             

This city's afraid of me... I've seen its true face...

Set in a parallel Earth in 1985, where superheroes are prohibited from using their powers despite the threat of nuclear war. When one of their number is murdered, however, the outlaw heroes -- including Dr. Manhatta, Silk Spectre, Rorschach and Nite Owl -- unite to defend themselves.

What I like about this movie is that these aren't your typical superheros, they have flaws and the world is darker, they are more human then heroes.  The visual effects are great, the cast is really good, and the music is perfect.  The movie is long, but there is too much to the story that is necessary to tie everything together.

Movie 216- Action/Adventure- The Shadow

Directed by
Starring Alec Baldwin
              Penelope Ann Miller
              John Lone
              Ian McKellen

The weed of crime bears bitter fruit.

In the 1930s, a Tibetan mystic imparts his ancient mind-control techniques to reformed criminal Lamont Cranston. By day, Cranston masquerades as a decadent playboy; by night he becomes single-minded crime-fighting hero the Shadow. Aided by his cabbie sidekick, the Shadow squares off against Genghis Khan's last living descendent, Shiwan Khan -- with the safety of planet Earth hanging in the balance.

I like most of the movie, but I don't like the changes they made I grew up listening to the radio show and that was how I wanted the movie to be and for the most part it was but for a few changes made mostly the back story of The Shadow, I don't think that this was necessary since they had plenty of stories to work with.  I like the cast and the music it's a pretty good movie, but if you are looking for The Shadow from the old radio show then this isn't the same Shadow.

Movie 215- Comedy- Zookeeper

Directed by Frank Coraci
Starring Kevin James
              Rosario Dawson  
              Adam Sandler
              Sylvester Stallone   

How long have you been able to talk?
Let's see, today's Tuesday so... always.

When an unlucky-in-love zookeeper tells his romantic troubles to a giraffe, a monkey, a lion and other animals in the zoo, the critters speak up and advise him how to win over the heart of the beautiful woman who got away. But can the sad sap really make their jungle-love advice work for him?

This was pretty funny, not great but it was funny, I liked all the different animals and their personalities.  Kevin James was funny and I really liked Rosario Dawson.  Leslie Bibb was great as the awful girlfriend, I've never liked her but since you weren't supposed to like her she did a great job I suppose.  Ken Jeong was funny as he always is when ever he pops up in a movie.  It was fun trying to figure out who was voicing all the animals, it was a cute movie all in all.

Move 214- Action Adventure- Sucker Punch

Directed by Zack Snyder
Starring Emily Browning
Carla Gugino
Scott Glenn
Abbie Cornish

If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything.

Baby Doll, a girl slated for lobotomy in a 1950s-era asylum, leads a group of young female inmates in an attempt to escape both their mental fantasy worlds and the actual institution where they are prisoners. To accomplish her plan, Baby Doll must steal five objects -- but is the man who's trying to stop her real, or a figment of her imagination?

I liked this movie it was really interesting and different. I thought the acting was great, and liked how the story was told, things are definitely not what they seem. It really is one of those movies that you have to see for yourself and most likely everyones opinion will be different.

Movie 213- Action/Adventure- Sherlock Holmes

Directed by Guy Ritchie
Starring Robert Downey Jr.
Jude Law
Mark Strong
Rachel McAdams

It's a matter of professional integrity! No girl wants to marry a doctor who can't tell if a man's dead or not!

Detective Sherlock Holmes and his stalwart partner Watson engage in a battle of wits and brawn with a nemesis whose plot is a threat to all of England.

I love this movie, I think everyone in it was great, I love the chemistry between Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr. As someone who has seen practically every other Sherlock Holmes show or movie and listened to most of radio shows and read the books I was very happy with this version of the great detective. I got to see this movie before it was released and I am so glad that they are doing another movie, I hope that they do at least two more too.

August's Genre

I decided to change the theme from Drama which I've seen plenty if in the other genres and I've moved up Action/Adventure up. This will include everything from Star Wars to X-Men.

Movie 212- Sci Fi Thriller- Alien

Directed by Ridley Scott
Starring Sigourney Weaver
              Tom Skerritt 
              John Hurt

Something has attached itself to him. We have to get him to the infirmary right away.

The crew of the deep space mining ship Nostromo are awaken from hypersleep to investigate a strange signal from a nearby planet. While investigating the signal, they discover it was intended as a warning, and not an SOS.

I thought the movie was good, I'm not a huge fan of alien movie, they just don't interest me that much but I thought the movie was well acted and very suspenseful, not that scary, but that could be because I watched the movie during the day.  I don't think that I would go out of my way to see this again or any of the sequels but I didn't hate the movie either.

Movie 211- Action/Adventure- Cowboys & Aliens

Directed by Jon Favreau
Starring Daniel Craig
              Harrison Ford
              Olivia Wilde

The only one who knows what to say is in the ground. Isn't it enough that we took the time to put him there?
Amnesiac gunslinger Jake Lonergan stumbles into the Wild West town of Absolution, where he's confronted by potent enemy Col. Dolarhyde and a terrifying problem: invading aliens. Aided by the lovely Ella, Jake rallies a posse of the townspeople, Dolarhyde's minions and local Apache warriors to fight off the extraterrestrial threat.

I didn't know what to expect with this movie, but I really enjoyed it, it was funny and action packed.  Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig were great along with the rest of the cast.  I found it a bit like Deadwood meets The X-Files.  It was a fun movie and I am glad that we decided to go and see it.

Movie 210- Thriller- Se7en

Directed by David Fincher
Starring Brad Pitt
Morgan Freeman
Kevin Spacey

Who knows. So many freaks out there doin' their little evil deeds they don't wanna do... "The voices made me do it. My dog made me do it. Jodie Foster told me to do it."

Two homicide detectives are on a desperate hunt for a serial killer whose crimes are based on the "seven deadly sins" in this dark and haunting film that takes viewers from the tortured remains of one victim to the next. The seasoned Det. Sommerset researches each sin in an effort to get inside the killer's mind, while his novice partner, Mills, scoffs at his efforts to unravel the case.

This is another of my favorite movies, I remember the first time watching it beginning a bit disappointed with the ending, but after multiple viewings I get it. Everyone in it is perfect, I pick up on new things each time I watch it.

Movie 209- Thriller- The Relic

Directed by Peter Hyams
Starring Tom Sizemore
              Penelope Miller  
              James Whitmore      

Using superstition to bring people to the museum is like hiring topless ushers for the Bolshoi Ballet.

A biological mutant is on the loose during an opening night gala at Chicago's Museum of Natural History.

I think that this was the first rated R movie that my parents let my sister and I watch with them, mainly because it was filmed at the museum in Chicago, which we would go to all the time.  Watching the movie now I don't care for it as much, but not for the reasons you may think.  I've now read the book and this is one of those movies where the book is nowhere near as good as the book.  They completely dropped a character who is so unique that it would be very difficult to find the right actor to play him.  So in that respect I am glad that his character was removed, not that it was a big part in the book, but later on in the book series he has become the lead character.  I think that they did a great job casting though even now when I read the books I picture Tom Sizemore in the part of D'Agosta.  I do like the movie, but I really recommend reading all of Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child's books, they are awesome.