Movie 208- Thrillers- Shutter Island

Directed by Martin Scorsese
Starring Leonardo DiCaprio
              Mark Ruffalo
              Ben Kingsley
              Michelle Williams
              Emily Mortimer
              Max von Sydow

We don't know how she got out of her room. It was locked from the outside. And the only window's barred. It's as if she evaporated, straight through the walls.
World War II soldier-turned-U.S. marshal Teddy Daniels investigates the disappearance of a patient from a hospital for the criminally insane, but his efforts are compromised by his own troubling visions and by Dr. Cawley.

I liked the movie for the most part.  I liked the story, and think that I might have to get the book some time.  I think the twist was a bit predictable.  I thought the cast was good, I didn't car for Leonardo DiCaprio, but I haven't really liked him since he first became popular.  His acting was a bit over the top, but Mark Ruffalo and Ben Kingsley were really good.  Elias Koteas reminded me of Robert DeNiro from Frankenstein, I thought it was him for a few minutes.  I think that I should watch it again some time and see if I like it more with the second viewing, but as of now, it don't think it's one I will watch again.

Movie 207- Thriller- The Prestige

Directed by Christopher Nolan
Starring Hugh Jackman
              Christian Bale
              Scarlett Johansson
              Michael Caine

 Are you watching closely?

At the dawn of the 20th century, rival magicians Robert Angier and Alfred Borden endeavor to reveal each other's secrets. Obsessed by the escalating competition, the two illusionists begin to perform increasingly risky tricks, which soon turn deadly.  

This is one of my favorite movies that recently came out.  The cast is great, and the story is so interesting.  I love the twists and turns in this movie.  I think David Bowie is one of my favorite characters, we first saw this movie at a free screening, it was our second I think and we were in the back of the line and didn't think we would get in, but we did and were in the 2nd row from the screen, not my favorite spot, but I didn't mind it at all because I was so into the movie that it didn't matter where I was in the theater.  To me this is the kind of movie that I wish was longer. 

Movie 206- Thrillers- Strangers on a Train

Directed by Alfred Hitchcock
Starring Farley Granger
              Robert Walker

Everyone has somebody that they want to put out of the way. Oh now surely, Madam, you're not going to tell me that there hasn't been a time that you didn't want to dispose of someone. Your husband, for instance?
When Bruno meets tennis star Guy aboard a train, he confesses he wants his rich father dead, prompting Guy to reveal that he wants to divorce his shrewish wife -- so Bruno suggests that they "trade" murders. Guy laughs off the suggestion at first … until he realizes Bruno is serious.

This is a great movie, full of suspense and great acting.  I like Bruno's mother, she so funny, the actress who played her was Aunt Clara in Bewitched.  One of the great things about Hitchcock films is his cameo, it's a lot of fun to search for him in the movie.  My copy of the DVD has the British version and the US version, the British version is 2 minutes longer, and features more obvious flirtation from Bruno to guy.  One of the most suspenseful scenes is the tennis scene with cuts to Bruno who is trying to get the evidence he needs to plant at the scene of the murder to frame Guy.  Another of my favorite characters was Barbara Morton, she was played by Patricia Hitchcock, she stole the show in every scene she was in.  The ending is great too.  Sometime I would like to watch all of Hitchcock's movies that I haven't seen or haven't seen in a long time. 

Movie 205- Thriller- The Beast Must Die

Directed by Paul Annett
Starring Calvin Lockhart
              Peter Cushing
              Marlene Clark
              Charles Gray
              Michael Gambon

One of our guests is a werewolf, I know it.
When wealthy businessman and skilled hunter Tom Newcliffe summons a group of guests to his mansion for the weekend, the group is shocked to learn that one of its members is a werewolf -- and Newcliffe won't let them leave until they kill it.

I've had this movie for awhile, but never finished it, it came with two other movies that I wanted.  I like this one, though it's a bit cheesy at times.  I like the "Werewolf Break" it's fun and is interactive, so it makes you really pay attention to what's going on.
The cast is good, I was surprised to see Michael Gambon, I've seen him in something from the 80's and of course in Harry Potter, but he is very young in this.  If you like Werewolf movies and you are able to see this, (Netflix doesn't have it, but it's occasionally on TCM) check it out, the music is really groovy too.

Movie 204- Thriller- White Noise

Directed by Geoffrey Sax
Starring Michael Keaton
              Chandra West
              Deborah Kara Unger
              Ian McNeice

You were outside my house and now you're outside my office, so do me a favor, don't insult my intelligence by telling me it's some sort of coincidence.

Architect John Rivers is shattered by the death of his beloved wife, Anna. When a man contacts him with claims of receiving messages from Anna through Electronic Voice Phenomena, John ultimately is convinced of the communication's validity. Soon John becomes fixated on trying to contact his wife himself -- but his investigation into EVP inadvertently unlocks a door to another world.

The movie was pretty good, but it kind of fell flat near the end and, was very predictable.  Everyone in the movie did a good job, and the story was interesting.  Another problem I had was the volume, it was either too loud or too quite, I could never find the right balance.  Overall I've seen better, but it wasn't a waste of time. 

Movie 203- Thriller- The Watcher

Directed by Joe Charbanic
Starring Keanu Reeves
              James Spader
              Marisa Tomei

Ellie Buckner. Single, 24, parents live in Florida. So far no known boy friend. She has a cat named Frank. Apparently he doesn't watch the news.

Burned out after failing to bust a sadistic serial killer in Los Angeles, FBI agent Joel Campbell retires to Chicago. But the killer refuses to leave the lawman alone, and begins furnishing new clues designed to drive him mad. To motivate Campbell to rejoin the cat-and-mouse chase, the killer sends photos of his next victims. But it's up to Campbell to try to save them first.

I liked the movie, but I don't think I like it as much as I did when I first saw it.  It's not a bad movie, but it's not as good as movies like Seven or Silence of the Lambs.  James Spader is the best thing about the movie, I do think that Keanu Reeves was miscast as the serial killer.  I like that the movie takes place in Chicago, if you haven't seen this one then check it out.

Movie 202- Fantasy- Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

Directed by David Yates
Starring Daniel Radcliff
              Rupert Grint
              Emma Watson
              Alan Rickman
              Ralph Fiennes
Not my daughter you bitch!

Harry and his best friends, Ron and Hermione, continue their quest to vanquish the evil Voldemort once and for all. Just as things begin to look hopeless for the young wizards, Harry discovers a trio of magical objects that endow him with powers to rival Voldemort's formidable skills.

The ending of the Harry Potter series was so good.  I thought that they did an amazing job adapting the book.  It's amazing to look at the first movie and to watch each one to see them grow.  I am so glad that they were able to film the movies they way they did.  I think that David Yates was the best director of the series.  Alan Rickman as Professor Snape has always been a favorite character of mine and I think that he was so good in this, the flashback scenes were so good.  And the ending was really good, I like how it tied the series together.  After watching this it made me want to watch and read the whole series again.

Movie 201- Fantasy/Adventrue- Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One

Directed by David Yates
Starring Daniel Radcliffe
              Emma Watson
              Rupert Grint
              Alan Rickmn
              Michael Gambon

If you sneeze, the Ministry will know who wipes your nose. Point is we'll have to use those means of transport the trace can't detect. Brooms, thestrals, anf the like. We'll go in pairs, that way if anyones out there waiting for us, and I reckon there will be, they won't know which Harry Potter is the real one.

As Harry races against time and evil to destroy the Horcruxes, he uncovers the existence of three most powerful objects in the wizarding world: the Deathly Hallows.

The first half of this movie is great, it really captures the book, the cast is amazing and the story is so good.  If you haven't seen this one yet then I suggest waiting till the last one comes out then watching them both since the movie does end abruptly and the next movie starts right where it leaves off and doesn't recap at all. 

Movie 200- Thriller- Shattered

Directed by Mike Barker
Starring Pierce Brosnan
              Gerard Butler
              Maria Bello

Who breaks a butterfly upon a wheel?

Neil and Abby's perfect life in Chicago is instantly turned upside down when their little girl is abducted by a kidnapper with an elaborate scheme. With the clock ticking on their daughter's life, the couple is totally forced to comply with the wishes of a true madman. 

This was a good movie, it was the first time I've ever seen Pierce Brosnan playing the villain in anything.  The story was engrossing, and all three actors did a great job.  There are a lot of twists and turns to the movie and I was completely surprised by the ending, this is definitely one to watch again to see if you can see the clues to what really is going on.

Movie 199- Thrillers- Reversal of Fortune

Directed by Barbet Schroeder
Starring Glenn Close
              Jeremy Irons
              Ron Silver

I never woke from this coma, and I never will. I am what doctors call "persistent vegetative" - a vegetable. According to medical experts, I could stay like this for a very long time - brain dead, body better than ever.
In this tauntingly ambiguous courtroom drama, the enigmatic Claus von Bülow stands accused of putting his wife, Sunny, into a perpetual coma with an insulin overdose. Claus hires hard-charging attorney Alan Dershowitz, who scrambles to defend his client -- with help from some impassioned Harvard law students -- while Sunny narrates flashbacks that shed light on the events that lead to her condition.

This is a great movie, I like they way they told the story and had Sunny narrate the movie.  I became interested in the story not long after I began watching the soap Dark Shadows, and was reading about the actors and found out the actress who played Victoria Winters was involved with the case, I think I might have read the book, but I can't really remember, but I do remember renting the movie and really liking it.  The suspense about the case builds slowly and whether or not you think Claus is guilty or not I think you are on the side of the defense team.  I don't know if I think he was guilty or not especially after watching this again, as with all infamous cases that remain unsolved we will never know what really happened.

Movie 198- Thriller- Marnie

Directed by Alfred Hitchcock
Starring Tippie Hedren
              Sean Connery
              Diane Baker

Certainly I can describe her: five-five, 110 pounds, size 8 dress, blue eyes, black wavy hair, even features, good teeth.
[detectives unable to restrain laughter] Well what's so damn funny? There's been a grand larceny committed on these premises.

Blonde ice princess and habitual thief Marnie Edgar uses her looks to gain the confidence of Philadelphia playboy Mark Rutland, who begins to fall for her only when he realizes she's planning to embezzle money from his insurance company. After patiently spying on her, he discovers that the root of her problem is embedded in serious psychological troubles induced by childhood trauma.

This is one of my favorite Hitchcock movies, it's not one that most people have seen or probably even heard of, but I really like it.  Sean Connery had just done Doctor No and he's one of the best things about the movie.  I love Sean Connery's facial expressions during the interview scene, they are great.  The story is interesting, and as with all of Hitchcock's movies the music adds so much to the story.  Diane Baker, who was Senator Ruth Martin in Silence of the Lambs, was very good.  I remember thinking when I first saw this that she looked familiar and went on IMDB and found out that's where I knew her from.  If you haven't seen this movie then I recommend it.

Movie 197- Thriller- The Usual Suspects

Directed by Bryan Singer
Starring Gabriel Byrne
              Benicio Del Toro
              Kevin Pollak
              Kevin Spacey
              Stephen Baldwin

The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist. And like that, poof. He's gone.

When five unacquainted scalawags are hauled into a police station to appear in a criminal lineup, they decide to pull off a heist together. The plan gets complicated, however, when they intermix with an underworld kingpin named Keyser Söze. . .

This is one of my absolute favorite movies of all time, I forgot how much I liked it until I rewatched it.  The cast is great, I can't imagine anyone else playing any of the characters, they are all perfect.  Benicio Del Toro and Kevin Spacey are awesome.  There are so many great moment, lines in this movie.  The ending is great, I just love how the story all fit together. 

Movie 196- Thrillers- The Gingerbread Man

Directed by Robert Altman
Starring Kenneth Branagh
              Embeth Davidtz
              Robert Duvall
              Robert Downey Jr.
              Daryl Hannah

The only exercise you are gettin' is jumpin' to conclusions.

Successful Georgia attorney Rick Magruder becomes absolutely obsessed with his sultry new client, caterer Mallory Doss. When Magruder attempts to protect Doss from her religious fanatic father, the barrister soon finds his career and his children under threat.

I thought that this would be a good movie, the cast was promising, and it was written by John Grishman, but boy was I disappointed.  It was boring and just too predictable.  I found the accents too distracting and then there was the weather, it was so loud I felt like everyone was screaming through out the whole movie.  The beginning was good, but then it just went downhill and I found it very hard to pay attention to what was going on in the movie.

Movie 195- Thriller- The Town

Directed by Ben Affleck
Starring Ben Affleck
              John Hamm
              Jeremy Renner
              Rebecca Hall
              Blake Lively

Alright. I'm in. But if anything happens to her, if I think anything might happen to her... I'm gonna come back here, and I'm gonna kill both of you in your own shop.

Career bank robber Doug and his volatile partner, Jim, hit a roadblock when Doug falls for bank manager Claire, whom he kidnapped during their last heist. Worse, an FBI agent is now trailing the thieves around their Charlestown, Mass., territory.

This was an interesting movie, I liked it, but I also found it a bit slow.  The acting was good, and the story interesting.  It's so weird to see John Hamm in modern clothes, I am so used to seeing him in Mad Men that it seems like he should only wear clothes like that.  I think that Ben Affleck is a pretty good director.  I didn't really care for the ending, I think it would have been better if his character was caught, but I can see why,but I think it would have been a more satisfying ending. 

Movie 194- Thriller- Unfaithful

Directed by Adrian Lyne
Starring Diane Lane
              Richard Gere
              Olivier Martinez

Be happy for this moment, this moment is your life.

Connie, a wife and mother whose 11-year marriage to Edward has lost its sexual spark. When Connie literally runs into handsome book collector Paul, he sweeps her into an all-consuming affair. But Edward soon becomes suspicious and decides to confront the other man.

This is a really great movie.  It's beautifully written and perfectly cast.  Diane Lane is so believable in this movie, and this is actually my favorite movie starring Richard Gere.  There is plenty of tension and suspense, but in a more subtle way than most thrillers.  I like the ending, it's not your typical Hollywood ending.  Fans of The Sopranos will see Uncle Junior, who at first I didn't recognize.

Movie 193- Thriller- Presumed Innocent

Directed by Alan J. Pakula
Starring Harrison Ford
              Raul Julia

I'm a prosecutor. I'm part of the business of accusing, judging and punishing. I explore the evidence of a crime and determine who is charged, who is brought to this room to be tried before his peers. I present my evidence to the jury and they deliberate upon it. They must determine what really happened. If they cannot, we will not know whether the accused deserves to be freed or should be punished. If they cannot find the truth, what is our hope of justice?

Chicago prosecutor Rusty Sabich is assigned to investigate the brutal murder of a beautiful co-worker. But when his fingerprints turn up at the scene, he's forced to admit he was having an affair with the victim. Now the prime suspect, Sabich enlists a former rival to mount his defense.

This was a great movie I really enjoyed it, it had it all, a great cast, a great score, a great story and a great twist ending, I didn't see it coming until it was happening.  I like how you are never really know one way or the other if he is innocent or not.  This is how I like thrillers, were you aren't sure what happened but in the end everything is wrapped up and you get a satisfying ending. 

Movie 192- Thriller- Peeping Tom

Directed by Michael Powell
Starring Carl Boehm
              Moira Shearer
              Anna Massey

Do you know what the most frightening thing in the world is? It's fear.
A young man murders women, using a movie camera to film their dying expressions of terror.

I really liked this movie, in a way I found it very similar to Psycho, with the relationship between a parent and a child.  However in this movie, you know right away that something is not right with the leading man.  There is a black humor that is very similar to Hitchcock as well.  I thought the acting was very good and the music helped build the suspense and the cinematography was great.  This is movie nearly ruined the career of the director, which is odd since Hitchcock made Psycho the same year and was embraced by the public, judge for yourself, obviously by today's standards it's not as shocking, but I think Psycho is more intense than this.  It is available to watch on Netflix through their streaming service so if you can I suggest you check it out.

Movie 191- Thrillers- The Negotiator

Directed by F. Gary Gray
Starring Samuel L. Jackson
              Kevin Spacey
I once talked a guy out of blowing up the Sears Tower but I can't talk my wife out of the bedroom or my kid off the phone.

The police try to arrest expert hostage negotiator Danny Roman who insists he's being framed for his partner's murder in what he believes is an elaborate conspiracy. Thinking there's evidence in the Internal Affairs offices that might clear him, he takes everyone in the office hostage and demands that another well-known negotiator be brought in to handle the situation and secretly investigate the conspiracy.

Red is not his color
I first saw this movie when I was a huge fan of Kevin Spacey.  My Dad and sister and I were camping in New Salem, IL when this came out and I remember we went to see this.  My absolute favorite part is when we first see Kevin Spacey's character, which is where the quote comes from.  It's the funniest scene.  This is a great movie, I think there is some great chemistry between the two leads.  I had forgotten that Paul Giamatti was in this, his character is a weaselly guy, but is the comic relief that the movie needs.  And while I thought I would get away from some bad hair, it looks like Samuel L. Jackson met with a bad dye job.  Found this little piece of trivia on IMDB- The movie was originally written to star Sylvester Stallone and Kevin Spacey. Spacey was supposed to be the hostage-taker and Stallone playing opposite him. When Stallone turned down the part, Spacey decided he wanted the other part and had his original part recast. (Samuel L. Jackson got the role.)  I am glad that Stallone dropped out.  There are just some great lines and moments between Jackson and Spacey.  I think the end is great I didn't see it coming when I first saw it.  This is a great movie to watch if you find it when you are flipping channels. 

Movie 190- Thrillers- Final Anaylsis

Directed by Phil Joanou
Starring Richard Gere
              Kim Basinger
              Uma Thurman

 I had the dream again. I'm arranging flowers, on a table, for a center piece. I decorate the flower pot with fancy paper. Feels like velvet. There are three different kinds of flowers. There are lilies, and there are... by the way, did you reach my sister?

To understand the traumatic memories stemming from an alluring patient's past, San Francisco psychiatrist Isaac Barr enlists the aid of her married sister, Heather. But when Barr embarks on a torrid affair with Heather, his breach of professional ethics may make him the perfect patsy in a Machiavellian scheme that leads to murder.

I just couldn't get into this movie, it had some good moments, but it just seemed like a bad Hitchcock knockoff, even the music was similar.  Richard Gere and Uma Thurman were good, Kim Basinger was okay, I laughed when I saw Paul Guilfoyle, who plays Brass on CSI, because he had so much hair. 

Before                    After
I don't know what it is about the past three movies, but there have been some serious hair moments going on.  We'll have to see what happens in tomorrows movie. 
Would I recommend this movie?  I don't know, probably not.

Movie 189- Thriller- Disclosure

Directed by Barry Levinson
Starring Michael Douglas
              Demi Moore

Oh, great. She'd change her name to "TV Listings" just to get it in the paper.

A software whiz rejects new boss advances -- then charges her with sexual harassment. Hell hath no fury like a (take-no-prisoners) woman scorned.

This was a pretty good movie, I've never seen it before, however I don't think it holds up to time. The technology is so much more advanced now that what was high tech then is silly now. And the digital effects were almost laughable compared with what they can do know. The acting was good, and there was plenty of suspense. I really liked Michael Douglas's mullet, I didn't really notice it until half way through. 

 I would recommend watching this again just to see how
far technologies advanced not only in movie making but with computers, the Internet and don't miss the massive cell phone, that's what's great about movie like this.

Movie 188- Thriller- Lonely Hearts

Directed by Todd Robinson
Starring  John Travolta
               James Gandolfini
               Salma Hayek
               Jared Leto

Has anybody ever loved you that much, detective? To kill or die... for you?

Homicide detectives assigned to pursue notorious lovers Martha Beck and Raymond Fernandez -- a fugitive couple dubbed the "Lonely Hearts Killers." Luring unwary war widows and spinsters through personal ads in the late 1940s, the couple stripped respondents of their savings before slaying them in a sexually charged frenzy.

I've wanted to see this movie for awhile.  I remember seeing the story on the Investigation Discovery Channel (which is a favorite of mine as Michelle knows) on the show Deadly Women or it might have been Wicked Attraction.  I thought that the movie was very good, but I got a bit confused about what the police were investigating at first, I thought they were doing a flashback and it ended up being a new victim.  True Crime stories a interesting especially if they took place in the past, when you watch the movies from the 40's most of them show a glamorous ideal life and then I think you get to thinking that was how life was in those days, but when you read or hear about a case like this you realize that things haven't really changed that much.  The cast was good, John Travolta's toupee was "great" (it was pretty bad).  James Gandolfini was great, the music was good, and the costumes were great.  If you haven't seen it then I suggest you check it out.

Movie 187- Thriller- Freedomland

Directed by Joe Roth
Starring Samuel L. Jackson
              Julianne Moore
              Edie Falco

It was like he was me.

When a single mother reports that her infant son was murdered by a black man from the projects, an intrepid African-American detective and a white journalist team up to dig for details. But what they unearth is hard to believe.

I choose this movie because I happened to bind the book at work the other day.  As I watched it I was really amazed how close this story seemed to be with the Casey Anthony trail.  The mother's story seems to mirror Casey's so much. I thought the movie was good, the cast was good especially Samuel L. Jackson.  It was a sad story, but I found it very interesting.

Movie 186- Thriller- The Black Dahlia

Directed by
Starring Josh Hartnett
              Aaron Eckhart
              Scarlett Johannson
              Hilary Swank

The basic rule of homicide applied: nothing stays buried forever. Corpses. Ghosts. Nothing stays buried forever. Nothing.

Los Angeles cops Bucky Bleichert and Lee Blanchard uncover corruption and conspiracy within the force while searching for the killer of Tinseltown hopeful Elizabeth Short.  In an effort to crack the high-profile case, Bleichert and Blanchard venture into Hollywood's darker side to piece together Short's secret life.

This case fascinates me, it's amazing that the case still remains unsolved.  I love the book and I think I must have read it about 10 times since I first read it, I was a bit disappointed with some of the changes that they made, but as I watch the movie, now I can look at with out comparing it to the book, because the movie would have been too long.  But just like LA Confidential, I think it would have been great if it had been done as a mini series, with the same cast.  The one cast member I would have replaced is Hilary Swank, who in my opinion is the ugliest woman ever.  She is supposed to look like Elizabeth Short, but doesn't look like her at all and her accent is terrible.  Aside from her the rest of the cast is good, and the costumes are authentic. 

Movie 185- Thriller- The Bone Collector

Directed by Phillip Noyce
Starring Denzel Washington
              Angelina Jolie

There are five basic contaminants in a crime scene. I'll skip to the worse one. Other cops.

Rookie cop Amelia Donaghy reluctantly teams with Lincoln Rhyme -- formerly the department's top homicide detective but now paralyzed as a result of a spinal injury -- to catch a grisly serial killer dubbed The Bone Collector. The murderer's special signature is to leave tantalizing clues based on the grim remains of his crimes. .

This is a great movie, it keeps you on the edge of you seat, it's got a great ending.  The cast is great, and the story well written, it's too bad that they didn't make another movie with these characters.  It would have made a great series. 

Movie 184- Thriller- Silence of the Lambs

Directed by Jonathan Demme
Starring Jodie Foster
              Anthony Hopkins

It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again.
In this pulse-pounding adaptation of Thomas Harris's novel, FBI trainee Clarice Starling ventures into a maximum-security asylum to pick the diseased brain of Hannibal Lecter, a psychiatrist turned homicidal cannibal. Starling needs clues to help her capture a serial killer; unfortunately, her Faustian relationship with Lecter soon leads to his escape … and now, two deranged killers are on the loose.

This is a great movie, it's inspired so many other great movies and books.  There are some great lines and some great moments so iconic that everyone knows what you are talking about if you say a line.  Anthony Hopkins is amazing as Lecter, and there Jodie Foster is the only Clarice Starling.  If you haven't seen this in awhile check it out and enjoy.

Movie 183- Thriller- State of Play

Directed by Kevin MacDonald
Starring Russell Crowe
              Ben Affleck
              Rachel McAdams
              Helen Mirren

Whatever you're sellin', I ain't buyin'.

When his mistress is found dead, Congressman Stephen Collins tries desperately to protect his name and career. As journalists Cal and Della investigate further, they uncover an intricate web of lies that stretches to the highest levels of power.

I got to see this movie originally at a free screening, I really like it, I went and watched the BBC miniseries and enjoyed that as well.  The plot as some great twists and turns and I think the cast was great.  This is a movie I can watch again and again.

Movie 182- Thriller- Law Abiding Citizen

Directed by  F. Gary Gray
Starring Gerard Butler
              Jamie Foxx
              Viola Davis
              Michael Gambon

Well, justice should be harsh Nick... especially for those who denied it to others.

Traumatized by the atrocious murders of his wife and daughter -- and the flawed justice system that set the killers free -- Clyde Shelton gives in to his rage and sets out on a course of vengeance. He soon takes on not only the prosecutor involved in the case, Nick Rice, but also the city of Philadelphia.

I didn't care for this movie at all, and I think the problem is that I don't like Jamie Foxx, don't know why I feel that way, but I do, and I do like Gerard Butler, and every once in awhile I'll be watching a movie or reading a book, where you know who the bad guy is, and I end up rotting for them, it happens more movies then in books, and honestly I do believe it also depends on the actor, but I still get that way, and the outcome always disappoints me.  I know how the movie will end, but it's not how I would have ended it and if I was making the movie I know that test audiences would probably want my ending changed, but I am going way off topic and rambling on a bit.  I bought this movie when it came out on BluRay and never watched it till now, I didn't miss anything.