Movie 146- Musical- Singin' In the Rain

Directed by Stanley Donen
                   Gene Kelly
Starring Gene Kelly
              Donald O'Connor
              Debbie Reynolds

When Hollywood attempts the transition from silent films to talkies, a matinee idol hopes to make the cut. But he's hampered by a silent-movie queen with a voice like fingernails on a blackboard.

This is one of my favorite movies, and is my favorite Gene Kelly movies. The songs are great and the cast is excellent. I think the movie is really funny, I really like when they are making the movie and have to deal with the actresses voice, and the ending is great. The dance numbers are great, I really like "Make Em Laugh". This is just a really fun movie and I always have a great time every time I watch it.

Movie 145- Musical- Repo! The Genetic Opera

Directed by Darren Lynn Bousman
Starring Anthony Head
              Alexa Vega
              Paul Sorvino
              Sarah Brightman
              Paris Hilton

I'm the monster. I'm the villain. What perfection. What precision! Keen incisions, I deliver. Unscathed organs, I deliver. Repossession, I deliver. I'm the Repo! Legal assassin!

In the near future, a biotech company saves mankind with synthetic replacements for failed organs. But those who default on their new liver or heart are subject to repossession. Shilo navigates this dystopia while searching for a cure for her rare illness.

I don't really know why I like this movie as much as I do, it is one of my guilty pleasure movies for sure. It's a mix of Rocky Horror, Sweeney Todd and the Saw movies. I think the songs are catchy and it's very funny at times, the lowest point of the movie for me is Paris Hilton, but I can look past that for she isn't really in it that much. Anthony Head and Alexa Vega are great. This movie isn't for everyone, but if you are a fan of the Saw movie or Rocky Horror then you might want to give it a try.

Movie 144- Musical- The Cotton Club

Directed by Francis Ford Coppola
Starring Richard Gere
              Diane Lane
              Gregory Hines
Mr. Flynn was a bootlegger. That's how they live in this world. Maybe one day you'll wise up, sap!

When Dixie Dwyer saves the life of mobster Dutch Schultz, he finds he must fight for his own life when he falls for the psychotic gangster's moll.

I really enjoyed the movie, I think this time period is so interesting.  The songs and the dance numbers were great.  I like how they incorporated it into the story, so it flowed in and out.  The cast was great, however I thought that Richard Gere and Nicolas Cage's accents were strange.  Gregory Hines, Diane Lane, and Bob Hoskins were the best parts of the movie in my opinion.  I think the costumes and the sets were beautiful and accurate to the time period.  If you are a fan of the show Dexter you might be interested in seeing this movie the actor who plays Dexter's father plays Dutch Shultz in this, he looks really different.

Movie 143- Musical- Hans Christian Andersen

Directed by Charles Vidor
Starring Danny Kaye
Farley Granger
Zizi Jeanmarie
You'd be surprised how many kings are only a queen with a mustache.
A small-town shoemaker with a knack for spinning yarns, the eventual author of such classic fairy tales as "The Ugly Duckling" and "Thumbelina" encounters happiness and heartbreak on his road to becoming a full-fledged writer.
Until I saw The Court Jester, this was always my favorite Danny Kaye movie. I like everything about this movie, the songs, the dancing, the story. It's such funny, sad, and heartwarming story. My favorite parts are when he is telling the stories to the children especially The Ugly Duckling, I recommend this movie if you are a fan of Danny Kaye or fairy tales.

Movie 142- Musical- It's A Pleasure

Directed by William A. Seiter
Starring Sonja Henie
              Michael O'Shea

Figure skating star Chris Linden and ice hockey champ Don Martin make a passionate pair. When her beau's bad-boy behavior gets him booted from hockey, Chris lands him a spot in an ice show. But a battle with booze -- and the allure of another woman -- may put Don on thin ice.

This was a pretty good movie, there was plenty of music and dancing(skating) numbers, but there was no singing.  Netflix and IMDB both called this a musical.  I picked this movie out because of the description, it sound like The Cutting Edge, and I then thought it was a bit like Blades of Glory, in the end it wasn't really like either, but it was a good movie.  Everyone was good in this, the story was a bit confusing, there was a character who we couldn't understand why she was going after Don, it just wasn't set up well.  I have to laugh cause this was the only picture I could find for the movie, you got to love the old cigarette ads. 

Movie 141- Adventure- Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides

Directed by Rob Marshall
Starring Johnny Depp
              Geoffrey Rush
              Penélope Cruz
              Ian McShane

There'll be dangers along the way... firstly mermaids, zombies... Blackbeard.
Cunningly clumsy Capt. Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) meets his match when mysterious beauty Angelica forces the pirate to join her in search of the Fountain of Youth.  Sparrow tries to determine whether Angelica is friend or foe while the riotous adventure sets him aboard a vessel belonging to the fearsome pirate Blackbeard.

I didn't love the movie, but I enjoyed it.  Johnny Depp was great and the others were good as well, I like the cameo Judi Dench had it was funny.  It was great to see some of the original cast members back.  I don't miss Orlando Bloom or Kiera Knightly, but there was something missing from this one, I do wish they had brought back the one eyed pirate and his friend, they were my favorite pirates.  Ian McShane was good as Blackbeard, but I wish he didn't sound like his character from Deadwood.  There were some great moments, and I really liked how they ended it.  In the end I just don't think it was as good as the first three movies.

Movie 140- Musical- The Adventues of Icabod and Mr Toad

Directed by James Algar
                    Clyde Geronimi
                    Jack Kinney
Starring Bing Crosby
              Basil Rathbone

This Disney animated classic includes two features for the price of one. One is an adaptation of Washington Irving's The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, while the other follows the shenanigans of Mr. Toad from The Wind in the Willows. In the first segment, Ichabod Crane crosses villainous Brom Bones, who frightens Crane with a seemingly tall tale of a headless horseman. In the second, car enthusiast Mr. Toad ends up behind bars on a trumped-up theft charge.

This has always been one of my favorites from Disney, before I would have to wait till Halloween to see the Sleepy Hollow story.  The songs are great and the stories have humor and are a lot of fun.  Both narrators are great.  I like how they had switched it around a bit, I would have thought Basil Rathbone would do the creepier story but I love what Bing Crosby brings to it.  After watching Mr. Toad, it made me want to go to Disneyland and go on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. 

Movie 139- Musical- Bedknobs ans Broomsticks

Directed by Robert Stevenson
Starring Angela Lansbury
             David Tomlinson
             Roddy McDowall

I don't believe in giving animals ridiculous names. I call him Cosmic Creepers, because that's the name he came with.
During World War II, eccentric, self-styled witch Eglantine Price aims to use her newfound powers to ward off a Nazi incursion of England. But she's saddled with a trio of refugee siblings from London who need her protection, too. To win them over, she pulls off an assortment of tricks and takes them on a fantastical adventure to the Isle of Naboombu.

This is a fun movie, everyone in it is perfect.  The songs are fun and the story is very funny.  I like the part of the movie were they go to the Isle of Naboombu, it live action and animation and it's really funny.  They did a great job with the visual effects.  I really like the ending too.  Check this out if you haven't seen this one before.

Movie 138- Musical- Tea For Two

Directed by David Butler
Starring Doris Day
              Gordon MacRae

Nanette a stage-struck heiress who's conned into financing a Broadway show by a producer who promises her a lead in said production.

I thought this movie was really odd, the beginning didn't seem to be necessary to the plot.  The best thing about the movie was the songs and the dance numbers.  The one thing that bothered me was that the costumes were all wrong, they were all dressed in 1950's clothes when the story took place in the 1920's.  I don't think it could have been that hard to get that detail right.  The actors did a good job, but I couldn't really tell the difference between the 3 guys, and I still don't know who she ended up marrying. 

Movie 137- Musical- The Court Jester

Directed by Melvin Frank
                   Norman Panama
Starring Danny Kaye
              Glynis John
              Angela Lansbury
              Basil Rathbone

I've got it! I've got it! The pellet with the poison's in the vessel with the pestle; the chalice from the palace has the brew that is true! Right?
This slapstick comedy stars Danny Kaye in a memorable role, and features his classic, tongue-twisting "poison pellet" routine. When the infant King of England is deposed by a wicked pretender, the rebel Black Fox devises a plan to reclaim the throne. To set things right, the man charged with tending to the king wriggles his way into the castle by impersonating a court jester -- with zany results.

This movie was hysterical, I haven’t laughed so much in a long time (well since comedy month), this was a great movie, and it did remind me a bit of the movie Shrek.  Danny Kaye was so good in this and Angela Lansbury was great, it’s very weird seeing her so young since I am so use to seeing her as Jessica Fletcher from Murder She Wrote.  I definitely recommend this one, you’ll have a great time watching this one.

Movie 136- Musical- Lili

Directed by Charles Walters
Starring Leslie Caron
              Mel Ferrer

We don't learn. We just get older, and we know.
In this enchanting romance, members of a carnival adopt recently orphaned waif Lili Daurier. Infatuated with the troupe's magician -- who thinks of Lili as a child -- the girl takes to conversing with the company's puppets for solace. And in talking to Lili through his marionettes, bitter puppeteer Paul finds his hardened heart softening in the face of the gamine's ingenuous charms.

I was under the impression that is was a musical but there was only one song and one long dance number, by the time I realized this it was too late to start another movie, the cast was good, but I found the movie a bit odd and the puppets were a bit creepy. 

Movie 135- Musical- Tangled

Directed by Nathan Greno
                    Byron Howard
Starring Mandy Moore
              Zachary Levi
              Donna Murphy

 I didn't want to have to do this, but you leave me no choice. Here comes the smolder.
Rapunzel, a long-locked beauty imprisoned in a secluded tower by evil hag Mother Gothel, who needs the rejuvenating powers of Rapunzel's tresses to remain young. When a bandit on the lam helps Rapunzel escape, the old crone plots to recapture her and end her budding romance with the thief.

This was a great movie, it reminded me of the old classic Disney movies, the songs are great and the story was great.  If you didn’t see it in 3d then you really missed out on the paper lantern scene, it just wasn’t the same watching it on my tv.  The cast was great and  the story was really cute.

Movie 134- Musical- Moulin Rouge

Directed by Baz Luhrmann
Starring Ewan McGregor
              Nicole Kidman

Christian, you may see me only as a drunken, vice-ridden gnome whose friends are just pimps and girls from the brothels. But I know about art and love, if only because I long for it with every fiber of my being.

A naïve young poet falls in love with a cabaret star, and their ill-fated romance serves as a convenient peg on which to hang a dazzling array of songs, from snatches of Rodgers and Hammerstein's "The Sound of Music" to Madonna's "Like a Virgin."

I love this movie I like how they used familiar songs to tell the story, the cast was great and the story was fun.  There are so many great parts of this movie that I honestly can’t pick one that I like more than another.  My favorite numbers are the Elephant Love Medley and Roxanne.

Movie 133- Musical- Seven Brides for Seven Brothes

Directed by
Starring Howard Keel
              Jane Powell

I've always wanted to be a June Bride... and have a baby right off, in the spring maybe.
Set on a ranch in the Oregon Territory, this rousing musical tells the story of Adam and his six unruly brothers. Adam marries Milly, who's appalled by the motley crew and takes it upon herself to tame them. Longing to become husbands like their brother, the boys go into town and kidnap six lovely women for themselves. Not without chaos and uproar, the boys and their wives eventually find happiness.

I really enjoyed this movie, I wasn’t really looking forward to this one, but I am glad that I gave it a chance, the cast was great and the songs were great too.  I had to laugh at the obviously painted sets, it reminded me of a high school production, but once you got into the story that was easily forgotten. 

Movie 132- Musical- Pin Up Girl

Directed by H. Bruce Humberstone
Starring Betty Grable
              John Harvey
              Martha Raye

Lorry Jones, a passionate secretary and singer who's given her heart -- and her autographed picture -- to just about every serviceman in Missouri. But genuine sparks fly when official business calls her out of state and she meets handsome Navy hero Tommy Dooley.

This was a pretty good movie, the songs were good, and it was really pretty funny.  Some of the dance numbers that were done on roller skates were amazing, the tricks they did were very cool, they did stuff that a lot of ice skaters don't do in their programs now.  My only complaint about the movie is the lenght of the ending number it just went on and on.

Movie 131- Musical- Across the Universe

Directed by Julie Taymor
Starring Evan Rachel Wood
             Jim Sturgess
             Joe Anderson

Is there anybody going to listen to my story all about the girl who came to stay? She's the kind of girl you want so much, it makes you sorry. Still, you don't regret a single day. Aw, girl. Girl...
An American girl and a British lad fall in love amid the social and political upheaval of the 1960s. On an excursion to America, Liverpool dock worker Jude falls for Lucy. But when Lucy's brother is drafted, Jude and Lucy take a stand as anti-war activists.

This has become one of my favorite movies, I love the Beatles this has some of their best songs.  The story is great and they fit the songs in so well.  I thought that everyone in the movie was great, though since I don’t like U2, Bono’s cameo was the weakest part for me, I think he over did it a bit, though he did since I am the Walrus, I suppose it’s just a personal thing, I won’t get into the reasons now since that will take up most of the space here.    Eddy Izzard was funny and had a song I had never heard before.   If you haven’t seen this movie I really recommend this one, it is a bit long, but it’s very good.

Movie 130- Musical- Hello Dolly

Directed by Gene Kelly
Starring Barbra Streisand
              Walter Matthau
              Michael Crawford

Money, pardon the expression, is like manure. It's not worth a thing unless it's spread around, encouraging young things to grow.
When wealthy merchant Horace Vandergelder hires Dolly to find a mate for him, she decides to win him over for herself.

There are some great songs in this movie, I thought that Walter Mathau was good but though Barabra was miscast, but she was good.  Michael Crawford best known for his role as the Phantom of the Opera on broadway  was okay, but I just thought he was acting a bit over the top, I’ve never seen this expect for this movie, so I don’t really have anything to compare it to.  There are some really funny parts in the movie, and I did enjoy it. 

Movie 129- Musical- Let's Make Love

Directed by George Cukor
Starring Marilyn Monroe
              Yves Montand

They don't. I mean a girl can walk around backstage with nothing on except her good will and nobody will even turn his head. The same girl, fully dressed, walks down an aisle of clerks in an office - pinched black and blue. What's the matter with you people, anyway?

Billionaire Jean-Marc falls for showgirl Amanda.  When Jean-Marc hears he's the subject of a spoof in a revue Amanda is rehearsing, he convinces the producers to allow him to portray himself so he can be near Amanda.  Jean-Marc then hires Bing Crosby, Milton Berle and Gene Kelly (playing themselves) to teach him the tricks of the trade.

I found this to be a fun movie, I liked the cameos, and I thought that the two leads were good together.  Marilyn was great in this.  There were a lot of funny lines.  I haven't seen many of Marilyn's movies before so I'm glad I picked this one out.

Movie 128- Musical- Atlantic City Honeymoon

Directed by Ray McCarey
Starring Constance Moore
             Stanley Brown
             Charley Grapewin

Ambitious Brad Taylor envisions transforming the sleepy town of Atlantic City into a luxurious resort. Taylor's ruthlessness propels his career until he owns several theaters and has begun an annual beauty pageant, but along the way he neglects his loving wife, Marilyn.

This was a cute movie with some great songs and was funny. 

Movie 127- Musical- State Fair

Directed by Walter Lang
Starring Jeanne Crain
              Dana Andrews
              Dick Haymes
              Vivian Blaine

Abel Frake, I am not putting liquor in my cooking!

When a small-town family of four heads to the Iowa State Fair with their prize pig, they bring home more than just a few blue ribbons.

This is my favorite Rogers and Hammerstein movie, I don’t really know why that is but it has been from the first time I saw it.  I really like the cast, I think besides Laura, this is my favorite Dana Andrews movie, Jeanne Crane is great in this as well.  It has always made me want to go to the fair, though they are not like this one.  My favorite scenes are in the beginning when the family is getting ready to leave and everyone adds more liquor to the mincemeat.  And then the payoff to that scene is when they are at the competition and the judges get tipsy, and later when the head judge flirts with the mother is so funny.  I also like the whole thing with the father and his prize hog.  The songs are great.  If you haven’ t seen this movie I really recommend this one.

Movie 126- Sweeney Todd

Directed by Tim Burton
Starring Johnny Depp
             Helena Bonham Carter
              Alan Rickman

At last! My arm is complete again.

The infamous story of Benjamin Barker, a.k.a Sweeney Todd, who sets up a barber shop down in London which is the basis for a sinister partnership with his fellow tenant, Mrs. Lovett.

I was so excited when I found out that this was going to be made into a movie.  We got to see a free screening of this before it was released, it was very exciting to see the opening credits, and hear the music.  I think Johnny Depp was great along with the whole cast.  My only complaint is that they removed Judge Turpin’s song, so we didn’t get to hear Alan Rickman sing a song by himself.  I thought that this was well done, I’ve never seen this on stage before, but I’ve seen the Angela Lansbury version that was filmed from a live performance.  I think the casting was great, I especially like Sacha Baron Cohan, he was so funny, and for once not in a vulgar way, like in his other movies, it was a nice change.  While this is a dark movie, it’s still got some very funny songs.  The way it was shot made me feel like I was watching a old Hammer movie, even the blood was the same. 

Movie 125- Musical- Brigadoon

Directed by Vincente Minnelli
Starring Gene Kelly
              Van Johnson
              Cyd Charisse

Two hundred years ago, the highlands of Scotland were plagued with witches, wicked sorcerers that were taking the Scottish people away from the teachings of God and putting the Devil into their souls. They were indeed horrible destructive women. I dinna suppose you have such women in your country?
Tommy Albright stumbles across the enchanted town of Brigadoon, which appears from the Scottish mists only one day each century.  In the course of this magical day, Tommy falls for Fiona and must decide whether to leave the real world behind and take up permanent residence in Brigadoon.

I’ve always enjoyed Gene Kelly movies, he was always so charming in all of his movies.  The opening song with all the girls is great.  There were a lot of songs in this that I recognized that I didn’t realize came from this movie.  Everyone in the movie was great.  The dance numbers are great.  This is just the kind of movie you want to see when it's cold and rainy.

Movie 124- Musical- Flower Drum Song

Directed by Henry Koster
Starring Miyoshi Umeki
              Jack Soo
              Nancy Kwan

What language is he using? I have a feeling he has been disrespectful, but I am not sure.

Chinese beauty Mei Li arrives in San Francisco to meet her fiancé, wealthy nightclub owner Sammy Fong, in an arranged marriage, but the groom has his eye on his star singer Linda Low.

This has always been one of my favorite Rogers and Hammerstein movies, it’s got some great songs and is funny, though there are some sad moments if you haven’t seen this one you should.  The cast is great and the songs are easy to sing along to.  My favorite parts of the movie involve the father of the two boys, he is so funny and very traditional.  I like the ending as well, it makes me laugh how the lead actress manages to get out of the arranged marriage.  The scenes in the club are great too, the guy who plays Sammy is very funny.

Movie 123- Musical- Good News

Directed by Charles Walters
Starring June Allyson
              Peter Lawford

Gee, I wish someone loved me like you love you!

Famed for the gigantic production number "Varsity Drag," Good News is anything but a drag! Filmed at MGM in 1947 during the golden age of Hollywood musicals, this spirited collegiate romp stars Peter Lawford and June Allyson as Ivy League coeds. The pair can sing, dance, conjugate French verbs and win the big game ... all before math class.

This was a really cute movie, I really like the chemistry between June Allyson and Peter Lawford.  The story was cute and the songs were great.  It’s story is familiar, and could be a storyline for the show Glee, but it’s a great movie.   The only thing that I found a bit distracting was the costumes.  The story was supposed to take place in the 20’s but all the girls were dressed as if it were the 40’s, which was when the movie was filmed.  The guys costumes seemed to be acturate.  Not really sure why this was done.  If you are a fan of old movie musicals check this one out, it’s fun and really a feel good movie.

Movie 122- Musicals- The Phantom of the Paradise

Directed by Brian De Palma
Starring William Finley
              Paul Williams
              Jessica Harper

My music is for Phoenix. Only she can sing it. Anyone else who tries, dies.

Writer-director Brian De Palma pumps 1970s decadence into The Phantom of the Opera story with a rock opera that replaces divas with pop stars. After being injured in a record factory, disfigured songwriter Winslow Leach (William Finley) haunts the Paradise -- the music house of the demonic Swan (Paul Williams), who ripped off Leach's tunes and idea for a pop masterpiece. Williams penned this campy cult film's Oscar-nominated score.

I enjoyed watching this movie, I can’t say that I liked it, but I did enjoy watching it.  I thought it was a great spin on the Phantom of the Opera story, and I could really see the influences they used. I liked the mix-up between the Phantom of the Opera and the Dr Faust story.  The music was a bit cheesy to me.  I thought the acting was good, and the story clever, my only complaint is that it seems to drag on a bit too much.

Movie 121- Remake 1998- A Perfect Murder (Bonus movie for the month)

Directed by Andrew Davis
Starring Michael Douglas
              Gwyneth Paltrow
              Viggo Mortensen

You should thank me. Artists are always appreciated more after they're dead!
It's murder most foul when cold-blooded hedge fund manager Steven Taylor  hires a hit man to drop a dime on his philandering young wife, Emily -- but the complexities are compounded when the assassin Steven hires is Emily's lover.

Like Dial M For Murder I don't care for any of the characters, except for the detective.  I do like how they made the boyfriend in it, but some of the changes they made weren't that great.  One thing that bothered me was how Gwyneth Paltrow's character went from being incredibly dumb to solving the whole thing, the plot holes are just as bad in this as they were in the original.  I think the think that the changes they made to who would do the killing were ok, but I thought the original was better, but it worked for this version. 

Movie 120- Original 1954- Dial M For Murder

Directed by Alfred Hitchcock
Starring Grace Kelly
              Ray Milland

People don't commit murder on credit.
Tony Wendice concocts a plan to kill his rich but unfaithful wife, who's embroiled in a liaison with a writer. When Tony's plans go awry, he improvises a second act of deceit, but the entire bloody affair turns out to be far messier than he expected.

I like Hitchcock, but there is something about this movie that bothers me, I don't really know what it is, but I don't enjoy it like some of his other movies.  I don't think that anyone is very likable, especially the boyfriend.  I like the story and the atmosphere that he creates, but I can't get over some of the obvious plot holes and the way Grace Kelly's character is just blind to what is going on with her husband.

Movie 119- Remake 2010- The Wolfman

Directed by Joe Johnston
Starring Benicio Del Toro
              Anthony Hopkins
              Emily Blunt

Even a man who is pure in heart and says his prayers by night, may become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms, and the autumn moon is bright.

Lawrence Talbot, an American man who, upon a visit to London, gets bitten by a werewolf. Talbot had come to England to make amends with his estranged father, but after a moonlight transformation leaves him with a savage hunger for flesh, family harmony is the least of his worries.

I liked this movie a lot more this time around.  I thought that all the actors were good, and that the makeup and visual effects were amazing.  I really liked how they did the transformation, I also liked the added character of Inspector Abberline, who was the detective who ran the Ripper investigation.  I thought it added a sense of reality to the story.  I didn't like the changes they made to the father though, I always liked that character in the original.  I thought that they did a good job remaking this movie and I think if you were a fan of the old classic movie monsters and of the Hammer movies from the 60's and 70's then you will like this movie.