Movie 30- Film Noir- The Maltese Falcon

Directed by John Huston
Starring Humphrey Bogart
            Mary Astor
            Peter Lorre

"You gotta convince me that you know what this is all about, that you aren't just fiddling around hoping it'll all... come out right in the end! "

Sam Spade is hired Miss Wonderly, who is seeking out protection from a man named Thursby. Spade's partner takes the case -- but he winds up dead, along with Thursby. Spade's subsequent hunt for the killer leads him into a world of deception and double-crossing, as a trio of criminals searches for a priceless statue known as the Maltese Falcon.

What a classic this is, the dialogue is great and the acting is perfect.  Everyone is cast perfectly.  Peter Lorre is at his finest in this movie.  The innuendos that they got in the movie are great as well, it must have been hard for them in those days to make a movies like this when the books they were based on had so much that they couldn't show the audience but had to slip in what they could with out the censors knowing what they were showing.  There are a lot of twists and turns to the story and the final scene is the best.

Movie 29- Film Noir- The Big Sleep

Directed by Howard Hawks
Starring Humphrey Bogart
            Lauren Bacall

"What it is you're trying to find out. You know, it's a funny thing. You're trying to find out what your father hired me to find out, and I'm trying to find out why you want to find out."

L.A. private eye Philip Marlowe takes on a case of blackmail, which leads to murder.

I realized that I hadn't watched any Bogart movies yet, so I decided on The Big Sleep and tomorrow (which will be today) to watch The Maltese Falcon.  I really like the Marlowe movies, whoever is in them, Bogart is great in this as is Lauren Bacall.  I haven't read this book yet but I would like to soon, so I can compare the two versions.  I've seen the 1978 version where they could show more of what the book had but I like what this version does just hinting at it instead of showing you, and sometimes I think that it's better that way.  So my suggestion is watch this version first then if you are interested check out the other, and you decide for your self.

Movie 28- Film Noir- Nightmare Alley

Directed by Edmund Goulding
Starring Tyrone Power
             Joan Blondell

Always looking for his next big chance, ambitious carnival barker Stan Carlisle moves in on Zeena, the widow of the carnival's mentalist. After Zeena teaches Stan every mind-reading trick she knows, he marries another beautiful performer who becomes his nightclub act partner. But Stan's new wife isn't prepared for her husband's callous plan to con a millionaire by conjuring up the man's dead daughter.

This movie starred out pretty interesting but somewhere in the middle it got really boring and really confusing and I'll be honest I fell asleep for a bit, but I didn't miss much because when I asked Michelle if I was missing something she said I didn't.  So I wouldn't recommend this movie.

Movie 27- Film Noir- Out of the Past

Directed by Jacques Tourneur
Starring Robert Mitchum
             Kirk Douglas
             Jane Greer

"It was the bottom of the barrel, and I was scraping it."

Robert Mitchum is a detective hired by gangster Kirk Douglas to track down girlfriend Jane Greer, who Douglas says ran off after stealing $40,000. Tracking Greer to Mexico, Mitchum falls for her and tries to help her elude Douglas and his henchmen, but who can be trusted?

There really is nothing like a classic movie, this one has just about everything you could ask for in a film noir.  Robert Mitchum is great as a man who's past comes back just when he thinks he has moved on.  Kirk Douglas is good too, Michael Douglas looks more and more like his father.  Jane Greer was excellent as the femme fatale.  They remade this movie in the 80's (Against All Odds), the original is better (aren't they always better).  If you want to see it, I suggest watching this one first.

Movie 26- Film Noir- This Gun For Hire

Directed by Frank Tuttle
Starring Veronica Lake
             Alan Ladd
             Robert Preston

"You are trying to make me go soft. Well, you can save it. I don't go soft for anybody."

Phillip Raven a hitman whose latest murder assignment is paid for with counterfeit money by turncoat Willard Gates. Ellen Graham, an entertainer and the girlfriend of the police lieutenant who's trying to bring Raven down, is recruited by the government to probe Gates's illegal activities. When Raven happens to meet Ellen on a train, they use their relationship to get what they want -- and exact revenge.

This was a good movie, I was really surprised to see Robert Preston in this movie, I've only ever seen him in The Music Man.  A clip of this movie was in LA Confidential, I never knew what movie that clip was taken from until I watch this movie.  It was fast paced and there were some musical numbers in it that were pretty good.  Veronica Lake does a magic routine that is cool. 

Movie 25- Film Noir- The Night of the Hunter

Directed Charles Laughton
Starring Robert Mitchum
             Shelley Winters
             Lillian Gish

"No, no! Don't you touch that, little lamb. Don't touch my knife, that makes me mad. That makes me very, very mad."

A religious fanatic marries a gullible widow whose young children are reluctant to tell him where their real daddy hid $10,000 he'd stolen in a robbery.

What I liked best about this movie was Robert Mitchum's performance.  He was crazy and terrifying.  The kids were great in the movie, and I really liked Lillian Gish's performance as well.  Shelley Winters' character was just plan stupid and so were her friends, only the boy could see what a creep he was.  But it's a interesting dream like movie.

Movie Twenty-Four- Film Noir- Mildred Pierce

Directed by Michael Curtiz
Starring Joan Crawford
            Jack Carson
            Eve Arden
            Ann Blyth

"You look down on me, because I work for a living. Don't you. "
After her cheating husband leaves her, Mildred Pierce proves she can become independent and successful, but can't win the approval of her spoiled daughter.

I've never seen Mildred Pierce before, and I liked it.  But her daughter was terrible, I know she loved her, but she was so ungrateful and mean that it's crazy how she put up with her.  The acting was really good, and I actually like Joan Craword in this movie.  I don't know if I really think this was a traditional film noir, but the opening scene and how they told the back story was.  There is a remaking coming soon to HBO starring Kate Winslet, so this I'm glad that I saw this version first.  I expect it to follow the book more than this movie did though.  I didn't know until the opening credits that the book was written by James M. Cain, who has written a lot of the stories of the movies I've watched recently.  If you've never seen this then I would recommend it. 

Movie Twenty-three- Film Noir- Vertigo

Directed by Alfred Hitchcock
Starring Jimmy Stewart
             Kim Novak

"Here I was born, and there I died. It was only a moment for you; you took no notice."
A San Francisco detective suffering from acrophobia investigates the strange activities of an old friend's wife, all the while becoming dangerously obsessed with her.

I know that this may be a surprise to some of you but I had never seen this movie before, I've just never gotten around to seeing this one before.  I really liked the music and the dream-like state that the characters get into.  I like how dark Jimmy Stewart's character got and how uncomfortable you became with it.  Those are the things that made Hitchcock great.  I didn't have any trouble finding his cameo either, which is another fun thing about Hitchcock's movies.  My only complaint about the movie would be that I think Jimmy Stewart was a bit too old for the part, other than that it's a great movie.

Movie Twenty-two- Film Noir- I Wake Up Screaming

Directed by H. Bruce Humberstone
Starring Victor Mature
             Betty Grable
             Carole Landis

"When I get all my evidence together, I'm gonna have you tied up like a pig in a slaughterhouse."
Following the murder of model Vicky, Detective Ed Cornell tries to solve the case, trying to pin the crime on Frankie Christopher.

This is the original version of the movie Vicki that I saw awhile back.  While this one was better than the remake, the music was so annoying.  They had Somewhere Over the Rainbow over most of the scene, as good of a song as it is, they played the song to death.  The Wizard of Oz didn't have the song in it as much as this movie did.  The acting was good, not a fan of Victor Mature, I think it's his eyebrows.  And I still don't get why no one ever called a lawyer to complain about the crazy cop, but that's the story so whatever.  I would recommend this version over Vicki, just be warned that you will hear Somewhere Over the Rainbow at least 50 times.

Movie Twenty-One- Film Noir- Sunset Blouevard

Directed by Billy Wilder
Starring Gloria Swanson
             William Holden

"You don't yell at a sleepwalker - he may fall and break his neck. That's it: she was still sleepwalking along the giddy heights of a lost career."
On the run from creditors, writer Joe Gillis hides out in the decaying mansion of the faded silent film star Norma Desmond, who dreams of making a grand return to the screen, and hires Joe to help her with her script. 

This is a great movie, I love everything about it.  The cast is perfect, Gloria Swanson is so demented and creepy, and William Holden is great as the out-of-work writer.  I love the musical version as well and really like how they kept a lot of the same dialogue from the movie.  While watching the movie last night I could hear some of the line begin sung and thought that some of the music sounded like the musical.  This is a great movie check it out if you haven't seen it.

Movie Twenty- Film Noir- The Spiral Staircase

Directed by Robert Siodmak
Starring Dorothy McGuire
Geroge Brent
Ethel Barrymore
A serial killer is targeting disabled women in 20th century New England. His next target is Helen who can't speak. But how can she let others know she is in danger?
This was a pretty good movie, the cast was good Ethel Barrymore was the best I think, I did like Elsa Lanchester, as the housekeeper who liked to have a glass of brandy a bit too often as well. This is the opposite of Dead Again, since that one took place in the 1990's and this one took place in 1916ish, which is a bit different for film noir typically. The outcome is a bit predictable and if you are watching the movie closely you probably will pick out the killer before he is reveled in the movie, but the atmosphere is great very gothic and who doesn't love a story with dark and stormy night with a lot of mystery and fear.

Movie Nineteen- Film Noir- Dead Again

Directed by Kenneth Branagh
Starring Kenneth Branagh
Emma Thompson
Andy Garcia
Derek Jacobi
"You take what you learned from this life and use it in the next. That's karma."
Mike Church, a detective specializing in finding missing persons is hired to help amnesia victim Grace, who is troubled with nightmares. With the help of an antique dealer/hypnotist they learn that her nightmares may lie in the past, involving the murder of Margaret Strauss by her husband Roman.
It's been awhile since I watched this movie, and I forgot how good it is. I like how they have the past in black and white and the present in color, and there is a great twist to the movie. Check this one out.

Movie Eighteen- Film Noir- Kiss Me Deadly

Directed by Robert Aldrich
Starring Ralph Meeker
Maxine Cooper
Cloris Leachman
"Do me a favor, will you? Keep away from the windows. Someone might. . .blow you a kiss."
When detective Mike Hammer gives a ride to Christina, they are run off the road when Mike wake up in the hospital and finds out that Christina is dead, he begins to investigate who and why she was killed.
I didn't really care for this movie, it was a bit boring and the over dubbed dialogue was really noticable. And most of the women in the movie had the most annoying voices worse than Gloria Graham's voice in Human Desire. I didn't really care for the whole cold war/ scifi thing they went for. I don't really recommend this movie.

Movie Seventeen- Film Noir- The Postman Always Rings Twice

Directed by Tay Garnett

Starring Lana Turner
John Garfield

"With my brains and your looks, we could go places."

When drifter Frank Chambers stops at a diner the owner convinces him to stay and work for him. He soon begins an affair with Cora, the owners much younger wife, and they begin to plot the murder of her husband. But once the deed is done things begin to unravel and the they turn against each other.

I really like this movie, it's right up there with Laura. It's my favorite Lana Turner movie and my second favorite John Garfield movie. The two leads are really excellent in this movie, there are some really funny lines in it, I think that is due to the fact that some words have different meanings now then they did. I read recently while reading about Double Indemnity that this story is based on the same true story, which now I can see after seeing both movies. They are both written by the same author, I've read The Postman Always Rings Twice before, it's a good book. There was a remake of this movie done in 1981 starring Jack Nicholson and Jessica Lange, but it's not as good in my opinion, I like how subtle the original version is, you don't need everything shown to you to get the story, so if you want to check this out, watch the original.

Movie Sixteen- Film Noir- Human Desire

Directed by Fritz Lang
Starring Glenn Ford
Gloria Graham
Broderick Crawford
After helping her husband commit murder, Vicki begins a passionate affair with Jeff, now she begins to plot the murder of her husband.
I found this movie a bit annoying but when as I write this I think it has a lot to do with Gloria Graham's annoying voice. I find it really hard to believe that Glenn Ford's character would be that attracted to her, but that was the story so I must suspend my disbelief. Otherwise I liked the rest of the cast. I do like how the movie ended, it was surprising and a very different from most noir films.

Movie Fifteen- Film Noir- Chinatown

Directed by Roman Polanski
Starring Jack Nicholson
Faye Dunaway

"Have you ever heard the expression "Let sleeping dogs lie"? Sometimes your better off not knowing."

Jake Gittes is hired by Evelyn to find out if her husband is having an affair, after the newspapers run the story on the front page of the newspapers the real Evelyn comes to see him with a lawsuit. On the case to discover who hired him and why he stumbles onto a case involving the water supply in Los Angeles.

Like LA Confidential this movie seems like a movie out of another time. The movie is interesting and you can see the influences from the classic films and stories of the past. I also like how the movie ended.

Movie Fourteen- Fim Noir- LA Confidential

Directed by Curtis Hansen
Starring Kevin Spacey
Russell Crowe
Kim Basinger
Guy Pearce
James Cromwell
"Go back to Jersey, sonny. This is the City of Angels, and you haven't got any wings."
A late night shoot out at a cafe leads 3 policemen into an investigation taking them on different paths, but finding that they are all connected.
I remember seeing this movie in the theaters when it first came out. I love it. To me it doesn't still doesn't seem like modern movie, everything seems authentic to the time period. The dialogue is great and true to the book. My only complaint is that there is a lot of great stuff in the book that they cut out and how they changed certain things because of how dense the book is, I totally get it, but I wish they had done this on one of the cable channels like HBO with the same cast and did the thing as it was written, but that is the book and this is the movie which is great on it's own.

Movie Thirteen- Film Noir- Double Indemnity

Directed by Billy Wilder
Starring Fred MacMurray
Barbara Stanwyck
Edward G. Robinson
"It's just like the first time I came here, isn't it? We were talking about automobile insurance, only you were thinking about murder. And I was thinking about that anklet."
When insurance salesman Walter meets Phyllis she convinces him to help her kill her husband and commit insurance fraud.
I really liked this movie, it's a classic film noir, and the cast was great. My favorite character was Edward G. Robinson's, he had some great dialogue. The script was great, written by Billy Wilder and Raymond Chandler, who also had a cameo in the movie. The movie was based on the James M. Cain novella. Watching this movie made me want to watch The Postman Always Rings Twice, which was also written by James M. Cain, I'll be watching that movie later on.

Movie Twelve- Film Noir- Vicki

Directed by Harry Horner
Starring Jeanne Crain
Jean Peters
Elliot Reid
"Slug me with one of those, Cornell, and I'll square you off if it takes me the rest of my life."
When waitress turned model, Vicki is murdered Detective Ed Cornell cuts his vacation off to investigate the case. Who killed Vicki? Was it her sister, her press agent, the reporter who put Vicki's name in the papers, or the desk clerk at Vicki's apartment building? Cornell thinks that he has his suspect, in the press agent Steve, but he claims that he is innocent and with the help of Vicki's sister Jill they hunt down the real killer.
This was a pretty good movie, though the tactics the detective used was crazy. I think my favorite part was when one of the suspects woke up and found him sitting in his bedroom. I can't believe that this guy never got a lawyer with all the harassment he went through. This reminded me of a Hitchcock movie with how you are on suspects side. I was surprised to see a young Aaron Spelling, he was 30 at the time of this movie, and I found out that this is a remake of another movie that I plan on watching.

Movie Eleven- Film Noir- The Third Man

Directed by Carol Reed
Starring Joseph Cotton
Orson Wells
Trevor Howard

"You were born to be murdered."

When out of work writer Holly Martins comes to Vienna where his friend Harry Lime has promised him work, he discovers that his friend was recently killed. Martins talks with some of Harry's friends and learns that Harry had some secrets.

The Third Man has everything a great cast and a good script. I like how it was shot as well, all the angles made it so interesting to watch. This isn't a movie to watch while you are doing something because you will probably miss something.

Movie Ten- Film Noir- Portrait in Black

Directed by Michael Gordon
Starring Lana Turner
Anthony Quinn
Sandra Dee
John Saxon
Sheila and her lover David plan and commit the murder of Sheila's older husband, they seem to have gotten away with the the crime, when they start getting letters congradulating them on the success of the crime. Which leads them to murder a second time.
I enjoyed this movie, though was practically a soap opera. I thought that is was a bit over acted but that was the fun in it really. I like Lana Turner so I'm glad I rented this movie. It was interesting to see a young John Saxon too, I've only seen him in Nightmare on Elm Street, Black Christmas, and the terrible, but thanks to Mystery Science Theater watchable movie Mitchell. Sandra Dee was good in the movie, I haven't seen many of her movies, and Anthony Quinn was good too. Overall I think it was a campy fun movie.

Movie Nine- Film Noir- The Asphalt Jungle

Directed by John Huston
Starring Sterling Hayden
Louis Calhern
The Asphalt Jungle tells the story of four men who plan and execute a heist at a jewelry store. The mastermind of the crime has just been release from prison, he's been planning the heist for the seven years he was in jail. All seems to be going as planned until misfortune and double crossing causes everything to unravel.
I have to be honest I fell asleep about half way through and missed the robbery so I had to watch the parts I missed when I got home from work today. I thought the movie was good, but not a lot of action like some of the other movies I watched. Marilyn Monroe has a bit part in the movie, she was good, I thought the characters Doll and Dix were annoying though. But I did like how different everyone was. I did like how the movie ended though.

Movie Eight- Film Noir- Mona Lisa and bonus movie The Blue Dahlia

Directed by Neil Jordan
Starring Bob Hoskins
Cathy Tyson
Michael Caine
Robbie Coltrane
"Sometime they fall for who they think I am. . ."

George has just come out of jail after seven years. He has lost all contact to his family and goes to work as a chauffeur to a high end call girl. There is something about this girl that gets to him, and when she asks for his help in locating a young friend of hers he agrees, never expecting the dangers that await.

This movies acting and writing were great. Michael Caine was great and when he first spoke it reminded me of the clip I saw of this show on the BBC called the trip here's the link I think that the first guy does the better impression. ( tell me what you think. The music was great as well, I was only going to watch old film noir movies, but then I got to thinking of some of the great new movies and decided to include them as well.
I also decided to watch The Blue Dahlia which
Directed by George Marshall
Starring Alan Ladd
Veronica Lake
William Bendix
"Every guy's has seen you somewhere. The trick is to find you."
Returning from the Navy Johnny finds his wife entertaining a group of friends, and that she has been seeing night club owner, Eddie Harwood. They fight and he leaved in the raining night. Me meets Joyce also on the run from something and she drives him to a hotel, where in the morning he hears on the radio that his wife was found shot and that he is the prime suspect of the crime.
This movies screenplay was written by Raymond Chandler and has a good story, you are lead to believe that one person committed the crime, and they the tables turn a bit abruptly and you find out someone else did it, what I found out was that it was supposed to go one way, but the studio and another department (which I won't name since it would give the ending away a bit) demanded the ending to change. It works yet it does seem a bit thrown together at the end because of that. I liked it though and think that Veronica Lake and Alan Ladd were great in the movie.
On a side note, this movie gave the nickname to the infamous Black Dahlia, which movie I may include in this, if all the ones I want to watch don't get to me in time from Netflix.

Movie Seven-Film Noir- Machete

Directed by Kurt Neumann
Starring Mari Blanchard
Albert Dekker
Carlos Rivas
Luis has just return to Puerto Rico with his new wife, they've known each other for about six days and were just married before getting on the plane. Jean meets someone she knew from New York at the hotel they go to, but that plot point seemed to be pointless unless it was just to cast suspicion on Jean. So they go to Luis' plantation were she meets his foster son Carlos and his cousin Miguel. Miguel fights with Carlos and Luis sends him away. All seems to be going well now that Miguel is gone. Jean has Carlos show her around the plantation, Jean puts the moves on Carlos, but he stops her since she is married to his boss. Miguel is watching from the ruins of an old factory, and sabotages the new factory. Jean sees Miguel sneaking around the plantation and goes to follow him. Miguel finds Luis and offers to fix the machines, and manages to convince Luis that Carlos and Jean are together. Carlos finds Jean and she tells him about Miguel, they go looking for him, but when Carlos thinks they should check the sugar factory he tells Jean to stay because of what almost happened last time. When he comes back to where he left her, he finds her swimming with out her closes. Luis finds them as she is coming out of the water in Carlos' shirt. He beast Carlos and now he is working in the fields. Miguel tells Jean that he will help her get away with Carlos, but in the end he is only out for himself. He tries to kill Luis by blocking him in a burning field of sugar cane and it ends with a machete between Miguel and Carlos, who ends up killing Miguel. Jean is also trapped in the field and dies. Leaving only Carlos and Luis who have made up, but as his butler say to the maid, in time they will for get her. I wish I could forget this as well. The description on Netflix told me this was loosely based on Othello, unfortunately that didn't make this movie any better. There were scenes that showed how they processed sugar cane, which seemed like one of those old school videos that you are forced to watch in elementary school. I gave a more detailed description to this movie than the other since I wouldn't recommend this to anyone. It was boring and the acting terrible.

Movie Six-Film Noir- Woman of Straw

Directed by Basil Dearden
Starring Sean Connery
Gina Lollobrigida
Ralph Richardson
Anthony Richmond comes up with a plan to get his hand on his uncle's money, when he finds out that he has been left out of his uncle's will. He schemes with his uncle's nurse Maria and soon she is married to the old man. But when he dies before they return to England, they must come up with a new plan. But it isn't long before she is accused of murder.
I was pleasantly surprised with this movie. I admit I only choose it because of Sean Connery, but it was not disappointed. The story was interesting and the twist at the end was great. I thought that the house looked kind of familiar, but I couldn't find any information about it.

Movie Five- Film Noir- Gilda

Directed by Charles Vidor
Starring Rita Hayworth
Glenn Ford

"I hated her so I couldn't get her out of my mind for a minute."

Johnny is in Argentina where he works at a casino, he and the owner have become good friends. Johnny gets the surprise of his life when he meets Ballin's new wife Gilda, she is someone from Johnny's past. Ballin has Johnny watch out for his new wife, who spends most of her time with other men. They both hate each other intensely, when Ballin dies Johnny marries Gilda taking control of everything Ballin left behind. But things don't go as Johnny plans.
I never saw this movie before and really enjoyed it. It kind of reminded me of Casablanca, I don't mean the story but more the set and the extras, and also how Johnny and Gilda knew each other before meeting again after she got married to Ballin. Glenn Ford and Rita Hayworth and the interesting twists to the story make this a not to miss movie.

Movie Four- Film Noir- Sorry Wrong Number

Directed by Anatole Litvak
Starring Barbara Stanwyck
Burt Lancaster

"In the tangled network of a great city, the telephone is the unseen link between a million lives. . .it is the servant of our common needs-the confidante of our inmost secret. . .life and happiness wait upon its ring. . . and horror. . .and loneliness. . .and. . .death!"

I was looking forward to seeing this movie but since I've heard the radio version many time, but it failed to live up to my expectations.
Leona is a invalid, her husband was supposed to be home, and she is trying to call the office, but it keeps ring busy. She has the operator try to call the office for her. Somehow she gets into another line and she overhears two men plotting the murder of a woman later that night. She calls the police but they say they can't do anything with the little information she can give. Soon she begins to fear that she is the woman that the men were plotting to kill. I think that the radio version was just the right lenght , also I didn't like Barbara Stanwyck in the role, Agnes Moorehead was much better in the radio version. Though they both were a bit grating the more hysterical they got. The movie added a whole back story to the characters, and a conspiracy which leads to the murder plot. I recommend the radio version over the movie.

Movie Three- Film Noir- The Dark Corner

Directed by Henry Hathaway
Starring Lucille Ball
Clifton Webb
Mark Stevens
William Bendix
"There goes my last lead. I feel all dead inside. I'm backed up in a dark corner, and I don't know who's hitting me."

I chose this movie because I've never seen Lucy in anything else but "I Love Lucy" or "The Lucy Show." I found this movie a bit slow, but it picked up and I enjoyed it. Lucy was great as the decetives secretary who tries to clear his name when he is framed for murder. This movie also featured Clifton Webb, I thought his character was really similar to that of the character he played in Laura. I've never seen anything with Mark Stevens before, to my knowledge, but at times I didn't really by him as a hardboiled detective. If you are a fan of Lucille Ball this is a nice movie to see her in a different kind of role. The scene that made me laugh so much was during the car chase scene. When you saw the police they weren't really right behind the guy they were chasing, but when you got a view from the guy getting chased it looked like they were right behind him. But it was great when he turned the cab he stole into the garage losing the cops with the hundreds of other cabs. The ending was great too, just when you think it's going to end one way there's a big surprise, and the ending is kind of cute too.

Movie Two- Film Noir- Leave Her to Heaven

Directed by John M. Stahl
Starring Gene Tierney
Cornel Wilde
Jeanne Crain

"I'll never let you go. Never. Never. Never."

My second movie was Leave Her to Heaven, which also happened to star Gene Tierney and Vincent Price. This movie is about Richard, a writer, who meets a Ellen on a train, who is reading his book. By coincidence they are going to the same house. It doesn't take long for them to fall in love Ellen breaks off her engagement to Vincent Price's character and proposes to the Richard. They soon are married and Ellen's obsessiveness and jealously lead to danger for those close to Richard.

I like this movie a lot, it's not your typical film noir, but it's one that if you have the chance to see you should. Gene Tierney is really great in this movie and is quite chilling in some of her intense scenes.

Movie One- Film Noir- Laura

Directed by Otto Preminger
Starring Gene Tierney
Dana Andrews
Clifton Webb
Vincent Price

"I shall never forget the weekend Laura died. . . "

I've seen this movie before, but it's one of my all time favorite movies. It's one of those movies that I can watch over and over again.
The movie begins with Detective Mark McPherson investigating the murder of Laura Hunt. He learns more about Laura from Waldo Lydecker, a writer who is a good friend of Laura's, and he begins to obsess about her. He falls asleep in her apartment on a rainy night, and is awakened by Laura who has returned from her house in the country, she hasn't heard anything about her "murder." It isn't long after her return the results from the autopsy come in and they know that it was really a model from the advertising agency that was really killed.

I love how the suspects get to go along with the detective to the murder scene, and it's always fun to watch Vincent Price, he plays a very charming gigolo. Dana Andrews plays a very cool detective who never reveals what he is thinking, its funny when he calls for a suspect to come over only to leave not long after they've arrived confusing the suspect. It's not obvious that he has fallen in love with Laura until he is alone in her apartment.
Of all the movies that have been remade I'm surprised that this one hasn't been remade, though like most remakes it wouldn't hold up to the original. So if you've never seen Laura check it out.

The Project

I'm going on a new route for this blog. Michelle is challenging herself to make cupcakes once a week, my project is to watch a movie everyday for a year. I got the idea from a book I read a couple years ago by Kevin Murphy (from Mystery Science Theater now Riff Trax) called A Year at the Movies: One Man's Filmgoing Odyssey. He went to the movies everyday for a year going all over the world, I don't have the luxury to do that so I thought I would change things up a bit.
My goal is to watch a different movie, from a set theme for the month, everyday, the only exception is if I go out to the movie theater, that movie would be a freebie or wild card. I will post a calendar with the movies I will be seeing and then everyday after the movie I will review the movie. I am a bit behind in posting this but I have been watching the movies so look out for the following posts.
Here are the genres I will be focusing on-
January- Classic Film Noir
February- Romance
March- Comedies
April- Original and it's Sequel or Original and it's RemakeComedies
May- Musicals
June- Foreign Films
July- Thrillers
August- Action/Adventure
September- Based on a book or based on a real person or event
October- Horror
November- Family
December- Christmas Movies